Lecture Capture (Recording a Lecture)

Lecture capture is the recording of your computer screen, video and audio. Zoom “Pro” accounts have the ability to record your session.

You can create a Zoom session with just one person, yourself. Start, pause, and stop the recording as you need. Recordings are saved onto your computer and can be distributed to your class by uploading them to Quercus or MyMedia.

Refer to the Zoom site for more information and help guides about recording video.

Please refer to our guide for instructions on how to upload your video recording to MyMedia and share it with your course.

Once you have the “Share Link” from MyMedia, post that link in your course, via the following three steps.

  1. Record video locally in Zoom
  2. Upload to MyMedia and get share link
  3. Copy share link and paste in your Quercus course (Announcements, Modules, pages, etc.)