Making Phone Calls

Communicator 7

Communicator is computer software used for making and receiving phone calls. Its functionality replaces telephone receivers and handsets.

It is more powerful than Microsoft Teams as a telephone replacement, because Teams, as useful as it is, does not provide outbound (non-U of T) call functionality.

Obtaining Communicator

OISE Laptops

Communicator should already be installed on OISE laptops. If you do not find it on yours, please send an inquiry to

Personal Devices (computers and mobile devices)

To add Communicator to your personal device, download the Communicator 7 app.

1. Launch the application from the desktop or your application list.
Once the application is launched, you will be prompted to sign in.

Communicator 7 app logo

2. Enter your username (phone number) and password.

Communicator 7 Login

  • If you have forgotten your password, please click Forgot Password on the main page.

Forgot Password screen, Communicator 7

3. After you sign in for your first time, you will see a message pop up, asking for permission for Communicator to access your Outlook contacts and calendar.

Communicator 7 Outlook Integration Message

  • Click Yes to this request. Doing so will make your Outlook contacts available to you in Communicator as well.

Main Window of Communicator 7 with icons highlighted

Communicator’s main window.

Making a Phone Call from Your Computer

There are several ways you can make a phone call from your computer using Communicator.

1. Selecting a contact from your list will immediately begin the call. Alternatively, right click on the contact and then click Call.

Call a Contact on Communicator 7

2. Another way of making a phone call in Communicator is to open the dial pad. Once you have done so, enter a phone number and press Enter to start the call.

Communicator 7 Dialpad

Making a Call from the Communicator Mobile App:

1. Download the app from the Apple app store or Google Play store

2. Launch the app

3. Login using your phone number and password.

  • Tap on forgot password if you cannot remember your password

4. Tap on Call and type the phone number. Tap on the phone icon to initiate the call.

Communicator 7 Phone Application

Accessing Voicemail in Communicator

Note: these instructions are only applicable for desktops and laptops, not the mobile app.

1. Login to the Communicator 7 app.

2. Once logged in, go to your settings by pressing the cog wheel icon.

3. Choose the Voicemail option.

Cog for Voicemails - Communicator 7

4. Make sure you have the recommended settings for voicemail in Communicator 7, i.e., all settings shoould be Off except the following.

  • Voicemail service: On
  • Send busy calls to voicemail: On
  • Send unanswered calls to voicemail: On
  • Use unified messaging: On (so that you can listen to voicemail inside the Communicator app)
  • Use phone message waiting indicator: On (so that you can see when you have a message)
  • Email a carbon-copy of message to: On

If you see any other settings, please change them, as seen in the image below.

the voicemail settings screen in Communicator 7

5. For the setting Email a carbon copy of messages to, enter your email address.

Voicemail Carbon Copy Setting

6. Click on Voicemail on the left of the application to get to the Voicemail Portal where you can listen to your messages.

Accessing Voicemail