Online Teaching

Live/synchronous Teaching

If you need to conduct your live classroom lecture or seminar discussion in a location other than the OISE building, you can do so virtually using Zoom.
a Zoom videoconference screen
Zoom allows for live discussion with your students. You can also share your computer screen, allow someone else to share their screen, run a poll/survey, allow for chat questions, create break-out groups, and record your session.
the Zoom toolbar and its functions

Requesting ZOOM Pro Licences at OISE

Note that you do not need a Zoom Pro licence to participate in Zoom classes as a student or guest. Only faculty and instructors, or anyone who will be scheduling and conducting classes online, will require one.

Quick Tips When Hosting a Live ZOOM Session:

  • Remember to record your live session for the benefit of students who are not able to connect live, or have connecting difficulties.
  • Please ensure that any materials shown or shared in the live class session are also made available outside of the Zoom session (in Quercus or Pepper for example).
  • Feaures in the Zoom toolbar during your meeting session:
    • Mute / Unmute (microphone settings)
    • Start / Stop Video (camera settings)
    • Manage Participants
      • including a feature to “mute all” of your participants if somone forgets to turn their microphone off.
      • options to remove participants or assign a co-host
    • Polling
    • Share Screen
      • Share your entire screen to everyone, or just an appication (like powerpoint)
      • Encourage or prevent participants from sharing their screen
    • Chat
    • Record
    • Breakout Rooms

Safety and Security Considerations When Using ZOOM

Please consult our ZOOM security page.

Additional Resources for Using ZOOM:

Before starting with Zoom, please review our OISE best practices guide and information on how to integrate Zoom with your Quercus course:

The Zoom website is a great source of how-to guides (including screen descriptions and short videos)