Research: Data Collection

Under the main three basic groups of research methods (quantitative, qualitative and mixed), there are different tools that can be used to collect data.


Interviews can be conducted using the following tools:
  • MS Teams with recording and transcription
  • Zoom Pro or Zoom Enterprise with no recording

How to

  • MS Teams is currently available to all OISE researchers free of charge. MS Teams is a recommended tool to be used by researchers in their data collection work. This tool is cleared for data classified as level 3 – sensitive data; cf. ISEA’s Data Classification and FAQs.
  • Zoom Pro or Zoom Enterprise can be used for conducting interviews without recordings. All OISE faculty have access to a Zoom Pro account free of charge. If you require access to Zoom Pro for your students as part of your research project, please reach out to Education Commons via with a request. Charges will apply to non-employees.


Surveys can be initiated using the following tools.

  • REDCap


Workshops and research design consultations are available to OISE researchers on the topics of:

  • developing design and methodology for graduate theses and research projects
  • developing and validation of surveys, questionnaires and measurement scales
  • conducting qualitative and quantitative data analysis
  • communicating results (including tables, charts, and graphs) for research reports and peer-reviewed publications

Registration for workshops is available online for a fee.

Consultations are available with OISE statistical consultant Olesya Falenchuk via


Observations can be conducted by using custom setup 360-degree cameras.

How to

If you would like to use observation as part of your data collection, please reach out to Education Commons to inquire about getting an estimate for purchasing and installing 360-degree cameras. This is the most costly way of collecting data for your research project.