Students: Course Support

At UofT, our learning management engine is Quercus, an open source platform known as Canvas. The name “Quercus” is a Latin word for the oak tree genus, a symbol you’ll see in the UofT crest. Three UofT students have come up with the name and won University wide naming competition.

Pepper is a student discussion and collaboration tool. Built upon extensive user testing and feedback, Pepper offers a variety of specialized knowledge building features and social networking tools for students to share information, identify key course ideas, and collaborate to improve those ideas.

Login to Quercus (Canvas) using your UTORid and password. To obtain a UTORid, you first need to obtain a T-Card (student identification card) from the T-Card office. Your UTORid is printed on the student card.

U of T’s Student Guide to Quercus covers finding your way around Quercus, how to find your grades and calendar, as well as short videos on a variety of topics.

Pepper is available from Quercus or can be found at Pepper’s online login page.

You can find tutorials and learn about the Pepper project at the Pepper Project Resources Page.