The Discovery

The Discovery. A Newslatter of the Education Commons

Issue 7, May 7, 2021

Welcome to the seventh issue of The Discovery, Education Commons’ newsletter to the OISE community.

This week, we feature a key group within the Education Commons team, our Digital Expert Hub, and offer a glimpse of the coming Education Commons Portal.

We’d also like you to get to know two of our experts, Procurement and Vendor Management Specialist Owhonda Ikeka and Digital Accessibility Specialist Lonny O’Brien.

Finally, we honour Mother’s Day by featuring the thoughts and pictures of some of our staff.

The Digital Expert Hub

See who reads the emails you send to

Meet Digital Accessibility Specialist Lonny O’Brien

Lonny brings years of experience and great depth of learning to the task of ensuring the accessibility of your digital content. 

Be sure to check our Virtual Sessions page for information about
all of the drop-ins and information sessions we have coming up.

Owhonda Ikeka, Procurement & Vendor Management Specialist

Owhonda is here to help the OISE community get the technology they need for the job.

Education Commons Celebrates Mother’s Day

Words and pictures from our staff, reflecting on what their mother, or motherhood, means to them.