Dr. Eunice Eunhee Jang

Dr. Jang is a Professor in the Department of Applied Psychology and Human Development. Her research is largely situated in the areas of language assessment, educational measurement, and program evaluation. Dr. Jang and her research lab are actively involved in various research projects funded by federal, provincial, and other sources.

1) Her SSHRC Insight Grant-funded research (2016-2021) tracks the development of reading skills among K-12 school students from diverse linguistic backgrounds from Grades 3 to 6. Building on the emergent longitudinal model of reading profiles, Dr. Jang and her team are developing an interactive assessment system that facilitates students' self-regulation of literacy skills development.

2) Dr. Jang collaborated with New College at the University of Toronto to investigate language test score use and interpretation in higher education. This IELTS-funded work was completed in 2019.

3) SSHRC Insight research (2009-2015) examined elementary school students' literacy skill profiles through cognitive diagnostic modeling and further investigated the extent to which children's emotional, motivational and metacognitive profiles mediate their perceptions and use of diagnostic feedback in classrooms.

4) Dr. Jang collaborated with international researchers on research that examines the effects of technology-rich learning environments on students' self regulation, emotion, and cognitive development. She is developing an assessment model designed to provide scaffolding diagnostic feedback for learners to promote their self regulation, emotional control, and cognitive strategies and track them longitudinally (2012-2019).

5) She has collaborated with Ontario school educators and secondary school teachers on two research projects aimed to provide instructional support for adolescent readers in secondary schools and further to develop pedagogical strategies for teachers in teaching disciplinary literacy across subjects (2014-2016).

6) She was contracted to develop a new computer-based placement and diagnostic assessment for undergraduate French-as-a-second-language students at Glendon College at York University.


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