Jeanne Sinclair

Jeanne Sinclair is a 5th year PhD student whose primary research interests are:

  • language and literacy assessment validation to support effective, equitable pedagogies for linguistically and culturally diverse students with a range of learning differences, as reported here and here
  • longitudinal quantitative research that supports timely educational interventions, as reported here and here
  • the validity of an artificial-intelligence infused language and literacy assessment (Talk2Me, Jr.), which uses natural-language-processing and machine-learning technologies, for elementary academic support program placement decisions

Jeanne has a master's degree in Bicultural-Bilingual Studies from the University of Texas at San Antonio. She was a full-time bilingual teacher in Texas public schools from 2009-2014, primarily working with young students whose families had immigrated from Mexico and Central America. Currently, she is a teacher education program assistant supporting Master's in Child Study and Education Program pre-service teachers in their practicum field placements.

Jeanne's CV can be found here.

Read more about the project Jeanne's working on:

BALANCE (2016-2021 SSHRC Literacy Project)