Elizabeth Jean Larson

Elizabeth Jean (Jeannie) Larson is a PhD student in the Language and Literacies Program at OISE. She has 10 years of ESL teaching experience in Japan, Germany, and Canada, much of which focused on oral communication and exam preparation. Her teaching experiences lead her to focus on oral proficiency during her Masters program and it continues to be her main research interest, along with intercultural communication, critical literacy, and self-assessment measures. She has been on a few independent projects and has experience with qualitative and quantitative methods and software. More recently, she has joined a team that is engaged in the renewal and revision of an English for Specific Purposes test. When she isn’t researching, she can usually be found travelling (for pleasure),  collecting vinyl records with her husband (they have over 3,000!), or baking something (usually bread or cakes) from scratch. She is overjoyed to be a part of this lab! 


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