Research Participants

Thank you for your interest in our research! We are currently seeking participants in Grades 3-6 for the BalanceAI project. Please email for more information.

Current Research Projects

BalanceAI (2016-2021 SSHRC Literacy Project)

Eunice's Insight Grant-funded research (2016-2021) tracks the development of reading and writing skills as well as learning orientation among students in Grades 3-6 from diverse linguistic backgrounds. Building on longitudinal literacy profiles, Eunice and her team are developing an interactive, AI-infused assessment system that facilitates students' self-regulation.

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Academic Platform for Language in University Settings (Aplus) 

Funded by the University's International Student Experience Fund, the Aplus project serves to support international and domestic university students to develop academic language competencies and foster cross-cultural knowledge exchange through a digital platform.

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Previous Research Projects

Learning Environments Across Disciplines (LEADS): Innovations in the science of assessment

LEADS is an international consortium of scholars who develop and research innovative technologies for learning in fields such as medical education, history, computer science, life sciences, and literacy.

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Improving Language Test Score Interpretations in Higher Education

The goal of this IELTS-funded research is to improve university-based test score interpretation. Based on the linguistic demands of university classrooms, descriptor-based learner profiles can enhance university language support systems.

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Adolescent Readers' Resiliency and Disciplinary Literacy

This Ontario Ministry of Education funded project explores factors impacting adolescent readers' resiliency and disciplinary literacy.

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Assessing and supporting Aboriginal children's language development through play

The purpose of this SSHRC-funded project is to develop culturally responsive instructional and assessment tools for Aboriginal children’s language and literacy development.

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