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Environmental and Sustainability Education

Welcome to ESE @ OISE!

The ESE Initiative provides the OISE community, TDSB educators and others with an introduction to the concepts and practices of ESE to integrate throughout teaching and learning at OISE, our partner schools, and beyond! Questions? Contact us


OISE is the first Canadian Faculty of Education to make a
Climate Emergency Declaration!  

One response to this Declaration is OISE's new 
Sustainability & Climate Action Plan
Read the Plan to learn more about how you can get involved...


EECOM  2021 Conference

Many thanks to all who presented at and attended the EECOM 2021 national conference in Environmental Education this spring, which was hosted by OISE, EcoSchools Canada,  Natural Curiosity, and TDSB EcoSchools. Over 800 delegates joined in to learn from the keynotes and presenters. Video recordings of the sessions will be shared with delegates and TDSB teachers as soon as they are ready.