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Environmental and Sustainability Education

OISE's Amazing Stairs Race


As part of OISE’s Environmental & Sustainability Ed Initiative,  we have been encouraging OISE community members to walk the stairs more regularly - great for energy conservation (by not using the elevators) and for enhancing personal health & wellness.  Each winter, we hold the Amazing Stair Race that has teams of four run up 13 flights of stairs, starting at the concourse level and ending at the 12th floor, stopping along the way to answer sustainability-related questions.  The winners get bragging rights and some great sustainability prizes!

To Enter: Send your preferred time and the names of your 4 team members to amazingraceoise@gmail.com 

Playing Times for 2018:  are now closed

To Play: Have team members dress in comfortable footwear, and bring a digital device that can read QR codes.  Meet the AR organizer at the concourse 'C' level to begin the race. The race takes approx. 15 minutes to play. 


First Place:  Cohort 141 - Richard Prager, Andrea Smith, Emily Gray, Matt Kinasz

OISE Faculty/Staff Winners
First Place:
'McLoMo' - David Montemurro, Ken McNeilly, Mary Lovatsis



First Place:  Cohort 141 - Lesley Marino, Stephen Branston, Annie Xie, Sarah Kamrad

Runners Up:  Cohort 151 - Vivi Chui, Christine Li, Ruthanne Sweeney and Emily Harris

OISE Faculty/Staff Winners
First Place: 'The Stair Masters' - Jim Hewitt, Bessie Giannikos, Mary Reid, Arlo Kempf



First Place: Cohort 181 -   Anna Gerke, Jung-Sun Song, Jessaymn Polson, Maugaux Brown
Runners Up: Cohort 152 - Vimala Mannan Shanmigasundaram, Matt Berghuis, Geoff Mohtadi, Nicole Teschl, Sarah Parker
Special Mention:  Cohort 153 - Devan Singh, Alison McAvella, Andrea Carvalho, Angelica Hessing

OISE Faculty and Staff Winners
First Place:  Helen Huang, Rushan Abbasi, Desiree Archer, Andrew Maksymiw
Runners Up:  Pierre Lee, Wing Ng, Demi Lin, Jun Cheng

Special Mention: David Montemurro, Jim Hewitt, Bessie Giannikos, Terry Louisy

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