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Environmental and Sustainability Education

Keywords for a Just Recovery

If you are interested in contributing to OISE's annual environmental art installation for 2021-22, please watch the following webinar: Artistic Approaches to a ‘Just’ Recovery 
How can art education contribute to a ‘Just’ Recovery from the pandemic? This webinar, led by OISE art educator Hilary Inwood and OISE grad student Ashley Sikorski, explores how taking an activist approach to art-making with students can deepen their thinking about the roles artists play in raising awareness of and taking action on environmental justice. OISE community members and TDSB educators are invited to contribute their own artwork to OISE’s annual environmental installation that is introduced in this webinar.

Video of the webinar
Resource List from the Webinar

Creating your image for this installation:

1. Determine your idea(s) that contribute to a Just Recovery.

2. Download the circle in PDF or PNG format for your image. (It can also be used as an overlay after creating your image.)

3. Draw/paint/design a black/white/grey symbol representing your idea inside the circle. Please create your own image rather than taking one from the Internet (to respect existing copyright.)

4. Include 1-2 keywords in your image (please use respectful language.)

Submitting your image for this installation:

1. Scan your artwork using a scanner or scanning app (300 dpi minimum) in a PNG, JPG or PDF format. If you cannot scan your work, ensure your photo is taken in natural lighting, on a flat, white surface (minimum 300 DPI). If submitting more than one image, scan each one separately.

2. Email your image file(s) to by March 1, 2022 using your OISE or TDSB email account. (Only images send from OISE/TDSB emails will be accepted.)

Any questions?

Contributors who have submitted an image will be sent a link to the finished installation later in 2022.