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Environmental and Sustainability Education

Turn It Off! 

This environmental art project focuses on the creation of light switch stickers by elementary and secondary students that remind the OISE community to “turn off the lights” in unoccupied spaces. These stickers were created during workshops presented by OISE teacher candidates in our partner schools.  These mini-artworks have been made into hundreds of stickers that are being placed above the light switch faceplates in OISE offices and classrooms.  Ever-present throughout the OISE building, these eye-catching artworks will remind the OISE community about our commitment to environmental and sustainability education, as well as encourage energy conservation in the building.

Stickers that are outlined have been made into stickers and are currently installed in classrooms at OISE and in the partner schools.

Special thanks go to the following students and teachers who participated in this project:

Artists:  Grade Five Students from the Laboratory School

Teachers:  Hayley Chown (OISE B.Ed student) in partnership with Tara Rousseau, Art Teacher, The Laboratory School at the Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study, University of Toronto and Hilary Inwood, Teacher Educator, OISE, University of Toronto

Burning World   What's Right  Sun Light DarkBear Gotta Go  LB Person  Light Switch Light Thing Angry Birds Save Money Crying Light Bulb


Artists:  Grade Nine Visual Arts Students from East York Collegiate Institute, TDSB

Teachers: Hayley Chown (OISE B.Ed student) in partnership with Jen Maus, Art Teacher, East York CI

bright caution hot dark flick sweat tree save

Artists:  Grade Eight students from Parkdale Public School, TDSB

Teachers: Rebekka Widdifield (OISE B.Ed student) in partnership with Sandra DeAngelis-Mullin ,  Grade 8 Teacher, Parkdale PS

Reach Smart Fate Hit Turn Bright Dark Side COD Nice Challenge Watch Off  Drops Conserve Shut


Artists:  Grade Six Students from Willow Park Public School, TDSB

Teachers: Marzia Afroz (OISE B.Ed student) in partnership with Diana Kallinis, Grade Six Teacher at Willow Park PS

New Birth too bright do it right Heart Mind Suffer