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Environmental and Sustainability Education




  • Sustainability Advisory Committee (SAC): Provides a forum for the advancement of sustainability goals within the OISE community, in collaboration with similar initiatives and responsibilities within the University of Toronto.  Chaired by the CAO Helen Huang. www.oise.utoronto.ca/oise/About_OISE/SAC.html
  • ESE Working Group: This group of faculty and staff is dedicated to helping establish a culture of sustainability at OISE. It strives to better infuse Environmental and Sustainability Education into OISE's programs. Formed in response to the Ministry of Education's new policy on Environmental Education in 2009, this group has been sharing expertise in a range of disciplines to find innovative ways of integrating environmental learning into courses, special programs and events through teaching and learning, advocacy, research and outreach. For more information on current projects and events, or to join this group, contact Hilary Inwood.
  • The Environmental Leadership Circle: This group came into being in 2007 through a grass-roots commitment among faculty, staff, and students towards building a greener community. Each year, this graduate student group works on sustainability initiatives, reducing waste, conserving energy, and promoting positive environmental change at OISE. Past events include organizing OISE's annual Eco-Fair and its bi-annual Walk-in Closets clothing swaps. The Circle meets regularly throughout the academic year; OISE students are encouraged to join at any point. Joining the Circle provides the opportunity to work towards the Environmental Leadership Award. To join this group or to get more info, click here.

Grad Courses

Please note that not all of these course are offered every year; check the OISE Graduate Course Calendar for information on when each course is offered and who is teaching it.


TPS1837H F 0101: Environmental Health, Transformative Higher Education and Policy Change: Education Toward Social and Ecosystem Healing: Dr. Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg

LHA1193H F 0101: Adult Education for Sustainability: Dr. Jennifer Sumner

LHA1197 HS: The Pedagogy of Food: Dr. Jennifer Sumner

CTL1106H S0101: Spirituality in Education: Dr. Jack Miller

CTL1207H SV 6331: Teaching and Learning about Science: Issues and Strategies in Science, Technology, Society and Environment (STSE) Education: Dr. Erminia Pedretti

CTL1209H FV 6331: Current Issues in Science and Technology Education: Dr. Larry Bencze

CTL122H SV 6331: Environmental Studies in Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education: Dr. Erminia Pedretti

HSJ1909H F 0101: Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice Part 1: Terezia Zoric

HSJ1919H S0101: Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice: Part II: Terezia Zoric

HSJ2999H F2 0101: Special Topics in Sociological Research in Education: Militarism and Sustainability: Concepts of Nature, State, and Society: Dr. Paul Olson






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