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Environmental and Sustainability Education



Many people have given time, energy, ideas and resources to help our garden grow.  A huge THANK YOU goes to:

Dr. Hilary Inwood - OISE Instructor and Garden Co-founder

Erin Sperling - OISE Doctoral Candidate and Garden Co-founder

Susan Jagger - OISE Doctoral Graduate and Garden Co-founder

Members of the OISE Gardening Group : David Montemurro, Lynette Lobo, Helen Huang, Pierre Lee, Jane Forbes, Elizabeth Broccoli

Gardening Team 2017 - Jacqueline Chiu, Annie Xie, Sarah Kamrad, Sarah Raza, Birdy Thanabalasinham, Emily Brotman, Erin Lapp, Emily Gray, Molly Shannon, Richard Prager, Michael Elliott, Andrea Smith, Elie Xu, Christine Li, James O’Brien, Soohee Chin

Gardening Team 2016 - Amanda Rodriguez, Margaux Brown, Jung-Sun Song, Kristen Schaffer, Vanessa Waddell, Chanelle Robinson, Anna Gerke, Laura Fraser, Sarah Kamalzadeh, Natalie Seyers, Wonhee Lee 

Olivia Orton  - OISE MT student/Work-study student Fall/Winter 2017

Janna Barkman  - OISE MT student/Work-study student Summer 2017

Alysse Kennedy  - OISE MT student/Work-study student Summer 2016

Jamie Wei - OISE B.Ed Student/Intern Summer 2015

Helen Willoughby - U of T student/Work-study student Fall/Winter 2015

Amanda Johnson - OISE B.Ed Student/Intern Summer 2014

Sara Lowe - OISE Graduate Student

Malcolm Dibb - OISE B.Ed Student/Intern

Daniel Kite - OISE B.Ed Student/Intern

Ben Blakey - MT Student

Benjamin Eldon, Nickie van Lier & Mary Porter, OISE B.Ed Students

'Retired' Members of the OISE Gardening Group:  Tony Gallina, Sergio Quibus, Darren Hoeg, Natasha Jamal, Janice Abdul-Jabbar, Joanne Nazir

Advice, consultation and encouragement have been kindly provided by:

Sunday Harrison, Green Thumbs Toronto

Randy Shulman, Cass Stabler, and Dave Rogalsky of the Toronto Region Conservation Authority

Veronic Gaylie, Associate Professor, University of British Columbia

Pieter Baselow


The Learning Garden could not have come to full fruition without the generous support of funding from the Toronto Chapter of TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.  Please visit their website to learn more about the important support they provide to many organizations for work related to the environment and sustainabilty.

Thanks also to OISE's Graduate Student Association and UTERN for their help with funding for the garden as well!


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