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Environmental and Sustainability Education

Learning Garden Resources

What follows is a collection of resources to help others find information on the educational garden movement.  Resources related to specific gardens at OISE can be found on each garden's webpage.


Center for Ecoliteracy



Green Thumbs Growing Kids


Life Lab

North American Native Plant Society

Ontario EcoSchools

Ontario Society for Environmental Education (OSEE)

Pollinator Partnership

Sustain Ontario

TD Friends of the Environment Foundation

WWF Canada Green Community School Grants

Print Resources

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Websites and other resources

U of T - Dig In!  Campus Agricultural Network

BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation

BC Ministry of Education – Environmental Concepts in the Classroom

California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom

California School Garden Network

CanPlant - native plants nursery

City Farmer – School Gardens

Children's book read aloud about nature's 'messes' - "Tidy", by Emily Gravett

Cornell Garden-Based Learning

Ecoschools – Edible Gardens and Mini Farms

Evergreen – The Learning Grounds Guide for Schools

Evergreen – Design Ideas for the Outdoor Classroom: Dig It, Plant It, Build It, Paint It!

Evergreen – Getting Started Resource List

Evergreen – Grounds for Learning: Stories and Insights from Six Canadian School Ground Naturalization Initiatives

Evergreen – Stewards and Storytellers: The Greening of British Columbia School Grounds

Evergreen – Patterns through the Seasons: A Year of School Food Garden Activities

Four seasons of Wildlife Gardening Guide

The Gardener Magazine

GreenHeart Education

How to grow a Three-sisters garden - CBC

In the Zone

Leaf Learning Garden

National Gardening Association

Ontario Native Plant Gardeners Facebook Group

Practical tips on how to cultivate a native plants garden - Leslie Nelson Inman’s Facebook page

Pollinator Partnership

School Garden Weekly

Sit Spots and Observation activity

Winter Gardening activities