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Environmental and Sustainability Education

Welcome to the OISE Community Learning Garden!

Over the last six years, faculty and students at OISE have been investigating new ways of infusing environmental and sustainability education (ESE) into our programs, organizational culture and physical infrastructure in hopes of embedding and manifesting a culture of sustainability in all that we do.

This grassroots movement has also worked towards fulfilling OISE’s goal of working towards ecological and social responsibility. As part of this work, a dedicated group of students and faculty created a Community Learning Garden in front of OISE’s main building to support integrated learning about ESE in our graduate and teacher education programs.

The garden is found in six large concrete planters at the front of the OISE building (252 Bloor St. West in Toronto), and each has its own theme related to the foundational concepts of OISE's programs: Indigenous Education, Equity and Inclusive Education, Holistic Education, Creativity in Education, and Environmental & Sustainability Education. Our hope is that these gardens will become a symbolic and physical manifestation of collaborative learning around social and ecological education across all of OISE’s programs; our goal is to have the garden act as a demonstration site that will inspire our students to integrate nature-based learning into their own personal and professional lives.

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Information on each garden:

Info on the Indigenous Education Garden

Info on the Equity and Inclusive Education Garden

Info on the Holistic Education Garden

Info on the Creativity in Education Garden

Info on the Environmental & Sustainability Education Garden

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Garden Photo Albums

Garden Photos 2017-18

Garden Open House - Sept 2016
Summer Garden - 2016
Planting Day - May 2016

Garden Open House - Sept 2015
Summer Garden  - 2015
Planting Day  - May 2015

Garden Open House - Sept 2014
Summer Garden - 2014

Planting Day  - May 2014

Garden Open House  - Sept 2013
See how the garden grows - July 2013
Garden Celebration  - June 2013
Planting Day  - May 2013

Contact Us!

If you would like to get involved with the garden, or give us feedback, please email us at: oise.ese@utoronto.ca.


Our thanks to the Toronto Chapter of TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, which has generously provided the funding for our Community Learning Garden. To learn more about the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, as well as others who have contributed to the development of the garden, please visit the Contributors page.

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