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Environmental and Sustainability Education

TDSB EcoSchools Conference Resources

Explore the sections below to see the resources from past conferences.


Spring 2021 - Exploring the Nature of Cities: Urban Environmental Education in Action Conference Resources

At this time, you must be a registered EECOM member to access conference materials. Resources will be released to the public 6 months after the conference.


Fall 2019 - A New Climate: Environmental Education in Action Conference Resources  

Click on the underlined text below for links to resources provided by our presenters:

Morning Keynote Speaker & PM01 Presenter Elin Kelsey:

Links to buy Elin's books online:

Afternoon Keynote Speaker & AM01 Presenter Jodie Williams:

Please join the First Nations, Métis & Inuit Education Association of Ontario (of which Jodie is Co-Chair)

Everything from Jodie's workshop can be found here:

AM02 Vanessa Alsop - I Contemplate a Tree Slides

AM03 - Snowy Evans - How can we integrate climate change education into school curricula?

AM04 - Ron Ballentine - Climate Emergency - It's Time to Take Action!


Ten Canadian Schools (UNESCO) 

Educators Toolkit

Climate Resistance Handbook (350org)

Goleman Ecoliterate Traits

Sobel Place-Based Education (Connectiong Classroom Community)

AM05 - Matt Brundle & Lori Yez - Get Outside with Indigenous Ed!

TOES Website

TOES Get Outside Lessons

Indigenous Ally Toolkit

AM06 - Ranu Hamilton - You Built It!: Exploring FoodShare's Field to Table School Program:

Powerpoint Presentation

Links to the "You Built It" Outlines:

Build a Worm Bin: [Build a Worm Bin Workshop Outline PDF]

- Build a Bee Condo: [Build a Bee Condo Workshop Outline PDF]

- Build a Pop Bottle Planter: [Build a Pop Bottle Planter Workshop Outline PDF]

- Cook Off the Grid: [Cook Off Grid Workshop Outline PDF]

Link to FoodShare's Online Educator Resources:

- [Link to Online Educator Resources and Lesson Plans]

Link to FoodShare's How-To Guides:

- [Link to FoodShare's How-To Guides]

More resources:

Giving Your Scraps a Second Life PDF

Companion Gardening - Veggies PDF

Companion Gardening - Fruits PDF

Container Gardening: [Do-It-Yourself Self Watering Container Planter PDF]

Don't forget about our annual Great Big Crunch, celebrating local produce and highlighting student nutrition! Register here [Great Big Crunch Information Page] and crunch with us on March 12th, 2020 at 2:30 p.m. EST.

AM07 Susan Elliot: Harnessing the Energy of Environmental Education

AM08 Rebecca Chahine & Adrienne Rigler: Promising Practices from EcoSchools Teachers Powerpoint

AM09 Sybille Parry & Diana Will Stork: Through the Eyes of a Child Slides

PM02 - Brenda Simon - Natural Curiosity: The Importance of Indigenous Perspectives in Climate Education and Action PDF

PM04 Esther Collier & Pam Miller:

OISE Climate Crisis for Schools Slides

Community Event Planning 

Curriculum Links for Teaching About Climate

The IPCC-summary

Climate Crisis - information to share with your class

Cummer's Climate Action Plan

Information Campaign Pilot - Parent Council

PM06 - Dan Kunanec - Greening a School Campus Through an Urban Lens (Link to Google Drive Zip File)

PM07 - Michèle Martin - Local Climate Change Learning Resources PDF

PM08 - Heidi Campbell & Paula Gallo - Building Climate Resilience through Participatory Design Approaches Resource

PM09 - Jeff Stickney - Getting reacquainted with trees: Arts and Place-based approaches to Environmental Sustainability Education

Link to Powerpoint

Getting acquainted with trees 


Fall 2018 - Engaging in EcoJustice: Environmental Education & Equity in Action Conference Resources  

Click on the underlined text below for links to resources

Conference Program

EcoJustice Education Resources:

Workshop Resources:
AM01 & Afternoon Keynote Kim Wheatley, Exploring an Anishinaabe
Teaching Bundle
AM02 Gail Bornstein, Providing Diverse Play & Learning Experiences on
School Grounds

AM03 Brooke Ziebell, FoodShare, Neighbourhood Food Asset Mapping for Engaging Lessons & Innovative Solutions

AM05 Ticia Heibein & Jenn Venalainen, Action Research into Environmental Learning in Elementary Classrooms
Google Slides Link

AM06 Erin Sperling, Ecojustice Education through the Lens of Food

PM01 Jennifer Baron, Building Community in Environmental Inquiry
Google Slides Link

PM02 Brenda Simon & Linda NaccaratoOutdoor Play and Learning (OPAL): Improving Play for All!
Quick Wins Handout

PM04 Brooke Charlebois, Rebel Agent: Exploring Climate Change with
PM05 Catherine Kurucz & Linda Ryan, Citizen Science: Engaging Students with Real and Local Science Investigations
PM08 Elizabeth Pasternak & Gigi Shanks, Stewardship and our Relationship with Food
PM09 Hilary Inwood, Casting a Wide Net: Exploring EcoJustice Through EcoArt Education
Wellness Refreshers:

Winter 2018 - Health, Wellness, and Sustainability: Environmental Education in Action Conference Resources  

Conference Program


Keynote by Catherine O'Brien

AM01 Catherine O'Brien, Pathways to Living Schools  
LS Discussion Chart
Elementary Sample Chart
High School Sample Chart
LS Attributes
Well-being Self-Assessment
Workshop Powerpoint

AM02 Jack Miller, Holistic Education: Curriculum of Connections 

AM03 Gail Bornstein, Designing School Grounds for Wellness

AM06 Kathy Bickmore, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding in Sustainability Education

AM07 Sheliza Ibrahim, Learning Sustainable Practices from Local Communities

AM08 Amanda Williams, Sowing Seeds, Cultivating Change
CODE Website

AM09 Isaac Crosby, Indigenous Approaches to Gardening
Onkwawen Tkaienthohseron "Our Garden"

AM10 Brenda Simon, Outdoor Play & OPAL Learning
Video Link

AM11 Natalie Amber, Growing, Harvesting & Feasting All Year: Hydroponics in the Classroom

AM12 Jodie Williams, Lessons from the Earth

PM01 Pam Miller, Applying Inquiry-based Learning to Urban Education 

PM02 Ron Ballentine, Nature Now - Experiencing the Joy and Benefits of Learning Outdoors

PM04 Haley Higdon, Natural Curiosity 2nd Ed: Indigenous Perspectives on Environmental Inquiry

PM05 Sybille Parry, Biz Ahrens & Eve Hoffman,  Our Watery World: Tips & Techniques for Bringing Water into School Programs

PM11 Kathleen Watt, Building Healthy and Sustainable School Communities


Winter 2017 - Climate of Change: Environmental Education in Action Conference Resources 

Conference Program

Morning Workshops

1.1 Greening STEM
Presenter: Pam Miller
Google Drive Folder of Resources
PPT Slides
Who Polluted the River handout
EcoSchools STEM Challenges handout

1.2 Engaging in Ecojustice Education
Presenter: Erin Sperling
ESE Links

1.3 Lights, Camera, Environmental Action!
Presenters: Farah Wadia & Jenn Venalainen
PPT Slides
Eco Film Lab File 1
Eco Film Lab File 2
Eco Film Lab File 3
Eco Film Lab File 4
Eco Film Lab File 5

*Eco Film Lab Files courtesy of Pam Miller

1.4 Natural Curiosity: Building Children’s Understanding of the World through Environmental Inquiry 

Presenter: Haley Higdon
PPT Slides

1.5 Exploring the Impacts of Fashion's Global Supply Chain through Image & Inquiry
Presenter: Sarah Peel
PPT Slides
Fashion Takes Action Elementary Promotional handout 
Fashion Takes Action Secondary Promotional handout

1.6 Classroom Seats to City Streets
Presenter: Josh Fullan
PPT Slides

1.7 Designing New Approaches to Outdoor Kindergarten Spaces
Presenter: Gail Bornstein
Dropbox Folder with Resources

1.8 EPIC (Environment, partnerships, integrated and community-based) Learning
Presenters: Catherine Kurucz & Karen Stelling
PPT Slides

1.9 Combating Climate Change through “Complete Communities”
Presenter: Kathleen Watt
PPT Slides

1.10 Exploring Urban Spaces through Indigenous Names
Presenters: Elizabeth Pasternak & Juli Mori
Google Drive Folder of Resources

Afternoon Workshops

2.1 Connecting the Dots to Transformational Learning
Presenter: Susan Elliott
PPT Slides

2.2 Climate Change Education: Lessons, Activities & Resources from the TRCA *Coming Soon*
Presenters: Colin Love & Ericka Nickels

2.3 “Putting Toronto in Perspective”: Using Active Simulations to analyze interactions between the Mississauga and European settlers
Presenters: Paul Hackl & Heather Carlson
Pre-visit Worksheet
Pre-visit Worksheet Answers

2.4 Exploring EcoArt as Eco-Activism
Presenters: Hilary Inwood, Jessie Sawyers, Kristen Schaffer
PPT Slides

2.5 Telling Stories: Being a Part of Nature, not Apart from Nature
Presenter: Ron Ballentine
PPT Slides  
Into Nature handout package

2.6 Edible Elementary Environmental Education 
Presenter: Sunday Harrison
PPT Slides

2.7 EcoSchools & EcoFoodprints *Coming Soon*
Presenter: Cynthia Chan

2.8 A Balanced Approach to Environmental Education in the Elementary Classroom
Presenter: Bonnie Chu & Thomas Mullrooney
PPT Slides

2.9 Wacky for Worms: Vermicomposting in the Classroom
Presenter: Linda Ryan & Ben Huynh
PPT Slides
Building a Vermicomposter - Elementary - English
Building a Vermicomposter - Secondary - English
Building a Vermicomposter - Elementary - French
Building a Vermicomposter - Secondary - French

2.10 Climate Leadership: Teaching & Learning Strategies for Tackling Climate Change
Presenter: Elanor Waslander & Lindsay Bunce
PPT Slides
Climate Change Tool Kit

 OISE Climate Crisis for Schools