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Environmental and Sustainability Education

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OISE & TDSB EcoSchools



OISE's Environmental & Sustainability Education Initiative is proud to be working collaboratively with the TDSB Sustainability Offie and its incredible EcoSchools Program!  Starting in the fall of 2017, OISE began offering a variety of professional learning opportunities for TDSB teachers to support their important work in classrooms.  K-12 teachers, staff and administrators can participate in afterschool talks, workshops, conferences and other events at OISE on a wide range of topics, from nature-based inquiry, to food literacy, and waste education. The collaboration also supports Action Research projects in TDSB classrooms, aiming to cultivate promising practices in EE across the board.  Watch the EcoSchools newsletter for upcoming events as this new collaboration takes root, and help it to grow!


TDSB EcoSchools Teachers are welcome to join any events offered as part of the ESE Initiative at OISE.  As part of online programming in 2020, archived events are here. TDSB teachers and staff register on Key to Learn; OISE students register on the Student Services webpage.

Annual EE Conference

Our most recent OISE/TDSB conference took place in April 2021, in conjunction with EcoSchools Canada and EECOM. 

Prior to this, the annual OISE/TDSB conference took place on Sat. Oct. 26, 2019. Called A New Climate: Environmental Education in Action, this conference explored innovative climate action practices happening in schools and community organizations that showcase optimistic approaches to helping students contribute to a sustainable future.

To view the full conference program from this past Fall 2019 conference, please click here.

Past Conference Archive:  Workshop materials are archived from previous conferences; this information can be found here.

Action Research Team

OISE now runs a Professional Learning Community (PLC) for TDSB EcoSchools teachers to support Action Research projects in their own classrooms.  Stay tuned for more about these teachers' ongoing research projects.

AQ Courses in Environmental Education

OISE offers Additional Qualifications Courses in Environmental Education each year (Part 1, Part 2, and Specialist). The TDSB offers a $400 subsidy to take these courses for their teachers.  Join a growing number of AQ 'alumni' from these courses to continue to learn and network in special events at OISE throughout the year.