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ESL Infusion at OISE
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ESL Stories


Teaching ESL Students in Canada

Teaching technique for teaching ESL students (adults)

Affecting waves: coaching newcomers

Student teacher

Working together

Communication between the ESL and classroom teachers

First language and culture in the classroom

If you care, student will learn

ESL in the gym

Being an ESL teacher

The benefits of cooperative learning

First experiences

An interesting conversation

The problem of the mole role

“Come back!”

Strategies for teacher/parent communication

ESL Students’ Experiences Abroad

New country, new self

A brief story on my studying in the States 

The Need for more ESL support

A lack of time

To be an ESL teacher



Teaching ESL/EFL Abroad

Teaching ESL in South Korea

Grade 1 and 2 ESL teacher

By the end of the year they grasped the English language

An experience that changed my life

Connexion de Toronto à Jonquière

The Taiwan experience

Being an EFL teacher

A whole new world

Learning Thai: Rising tone/falling tone? I still don’t understand

The benefits of learning a new language

Issues of Cultural Diversity

Not just a language, but a whole new culture!

A challenge with some newcomer ESL students

Cultural differences

Easing newcomer students into the Canadian culture

Ethical dilemma with a neighbour

Teacher candidate

Critical incident

Why are they laughing at me?

Challenge encountered by an ESL student


ESL Students’ Canadian Experiences

Why Canada?

Student to student connections

“Language difference effects friendship”

Diverse immigrant experiences

Coming to Canada

Some English learning tips

The story of my immigration to Canada

Humber College students ESL learning experience

Canada vs. the home country

Coming to Canada

Studying abroad

An immigrant’s experience

“I feel comfortable in Canada”

“I like Canada”

“My experience in Canada”

“The more English I learn, the more friends I made”

ESL and immigration

Goodbye, Canada!


Learning a Second Language

Learning in Coimbra 

Learning Hindi 

Kindergarten in Mexico

Student exchange

Somewhat the same

Second language learner

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