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Classroom Resources


In multicultural societies it is essential for teachers to create a warm and welcoming environment for ESL students in their classrooms. This includes using ESL teaching methods that engage and educate both ELL and other students simultaneously. Finding the resources and learning the methods to help every student can be a challenge. Below are samples of some of the teaching methods, resources and tips that can help teachers better teach their classes.

In this section you will find materials for both teachers and teacher educators, stories about teaching ELL students and videos that demonstrate the concerns of students and teachers in ELL classrooms.

Resources for Classroom Teachers

1) The Teacher's Use of Language

Understanding how to use spoken language in the classroom is essential for ESL classrooms. Tone, speed and complexity of language can effect the successfulness of a lesson.

2) The Value of Groups

Knowing how to use group work effectively with ESL students can provide a more inclusive classroom atmosphere, as well as enhanced learning experience.

3) Scaffolding Methods

Providing intellectually stimulating lessons to students learning English in an English setting can be difficult for many teachers. Appropriate scaffolding can provide an foundation for exciting and engaging lessons that go beyond rote language instruction.

4) Building Background Knowledge

Each students brings a wealth of resources into a teacher's class through their background knowledge. However, certain lessons rely on cultural understandings that ESL students may not possess. Building that knowledge and understanding can help improve a student's understanding of class material.

5) Teaching ideas

Having a large assortment of activities is a benefit to every teacher. Varied teaching methods provide students with different ways of learning and help to engage the whole classroom.

6) ESL Stories

Relating to students and other teachers is essential for a strong vibrant learning community. These stories will provide a glimpse of the real struggles and successes of ESL teachers and their students.

7) Additional Classroom Resources

Provided is a list of helpful books that can further improve your practice and add more activities that can be useful.


Resources of Teacher EducatorsTeacher Educator photo

This section can help teacher educators infuse ESL pedagogy into their curriculum. We aim to provide support through website guidance, a series of sample assignments that can be used with pre-service and in-service teachers, and a collection of resources specific to help teacher educators. Moreover this material can also be helpful for teachers seeking to improve their ESL teaching skills.

1) Assignments Posted

Provided are assignments that teacher educators can give to their teacher candidates. They include assignment instructions and assessment rubrics.

2) Resources for Specific Education Courses

In this section you will find resources to infuse Educational Psychology, School and Society, Teacher Education Seminar or Cirriculum and Instruction courses with ELL teaching methods.

3) Classroom Scenarios

Here you will find teaching scenarios and solutions that can inform a teacher's practice. These scenarios were provided by teacher candidates, ESL teachers and OISE professors.

4) Teacher Educator Resources

This section includes lists of written research that can help improve teacher preparation courses in a bibliographical form.


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