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ESL Infusion at OISE
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Submitted Scenarios

The following is a series of ESL Scenarios submitted by educators. Each scenario presents the educator with a challenge to consider and some possible solutions. For more scenarios and responses to the scenarios visit the "Writing and Responding to Scenarios" section of our website.

Classroom Management

The Hard To Manage Class

International Politics

A students' inappropriate behaviour

Is she too close to her teacher?

Grade One Behaviour Problem

Screaming and yelling

C is for Cheating

Always Ask First

Joe's Critical Incident


Critical Incident - Cheating

Paper Rip Critical Incident

Spelling Bee Escalation

"Do you have a problem Miss.?"

An Absent Student

Joes' Critical Incident Part 2


Classroom management - Learning from mistakes


"Where is my cellphone"

Communication With Parents

Sleeps in Class

(Not) abused child

Violent Incident In The Classroom

Viktor Lukyanchyk-Critical Incident

The cell phone rang.....

A misbehaviour incident

How can we include the diverse English language learners

A Difficult Classroom

I don't want to sit there!

Is ESL important?

The use of proper language in a classroom

Hard to handle

Please help!

Diversity Issues

Holidays: To celebrate or not to celebrate

Hurtful "gay" comments


Athletic Discrimination by Paolo Artale

Name Calling at Jolly James School

Inappropriate Name Calling

Obstreperous Teen

Myth vs. Reality

dealing with racism

Empty pencil box 

Dealing with Differences in Appearances in the Classroom

Will the Boys Have the Same Consequences?

ESL Teaching and Learning

Prepare listening test

Peter's Anxiety Attacks in Grade IV

Tough Teacher

Day Dreaming


Kindergarten Program Modifications

responding to students' writing

Lack of Comprehension

A Lost Student

A Bathroom Break

Lack of Comprehension

Departmental Disagreement

I Hate Books

Please help! 


Home Support

Parent language barrier

No Home Support

Ethical Issues in English


Possible Taboo Topics

Inclusive Classrooms


Art and Poetry Lesson

New Student

Asperger's & Bullying


No ESL in Gifted Class

The unexpected newcomer

Special needs student

radio talkshow

When should teachers get involved?

ESL or Regular Student?

Autistic Student in ESL Class


Is it a good idea to let the school know?

Critical Incident-Marking

Students making fun of one another

Critical Incident: "He's my Burden"

A Cry for Help

Misbehaviour of a little John

The hall pass

Parent-Teacher Relationship

Perceived Progress vs. True Progress

A teacher's responsibility - to what extent 

The Best Critic

To Teach or not to Teach

Critical Incident by Jyoti Kapil



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