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Title: Pourquoi Tales

In celebration of oral story telling and tales from around the world: Students research tales from their culture and learn them (not memorize them) to tell the class. They can learn the tale, make it their own and tell it in their first language and then with visual aids (their own drawing or pictures from a book) tell the story with visuals and as much English as they are comfortable with using. Grade 5

communicate ideas and information for a variety of purposes and to specific audiences.
Learn a variety of forms and narrative techniques
Social studies: myth/legend ancient civilzatoins.

Students would be placed in groups of 4/5 with students of difffernt countries..to get a sense of tales from aroudn the world. They would present in their small groups unless they wanted to present to the whole class.

Read many pourquoi tales..using books with pictures to aid storytelling. Practice retelling story read to a partner. Outline elements of a pourquoi tale. Get many books on pourquoi tales from as many countries as possible. Send notes home ask partents to help in finding a tale from their country. Help and to help student practice. Use pourquoi tale planning sheet to help students learn important events in story, lines they want to remember and structure beginning, middle and end. Help ESL student develope visuals for their story. Perhaps they could retell a story from class by arranging the pictures in the right order and telling what the picutres are of. When they have selected a story from their cultre help them draw or create visuals for that story to aid in their telling--they could tell it in their own language and then in English or just use visuals and English

Self-assessment--videotape students telling story and they can watch themselves and then assess themselves. Use a story telling rubric which you will give to them adhead of time telling what you are looking for in the presentation--assess ESL student's prentation in their own language/use of visuals of their English presentation. Collect work doen to prepare story espeically planning sheet.

As mentioned above, picture books to aid retell, photos to organized in proper sequence, create visuals for oral telling, and can tell story in own language. I would give all students this option b/c many of them speak another lanugage. Encourage students to explain certan things that may be in the tale that are particular to thier culture /country.

Books: The Native Stories from Keepers of the EArth by Joseph Bruchac
Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears by Verna Aardema
Wen Hippo Was Hairy and other Tales from Africa by Nick Greaves
Star Tales North American Stories About the Stars retold by Grethcen Will Mayo

Submitted by: Elisabeth Leggett

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