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Title: The three R’s (recycle, reuse, reduce)

Grade: 1-6

Description of Idea : Students will be involved in sorting waste products based on the three r’s, and understand why it is important to recycle.

Expectations : Students will be able to practice the three 3r’s at home, and can have a better understanding of the importance of recycling.

Student Groupings:
Each student is expected to bring in waste products for sorting.

Teaching learning/strategies:

*The teacher starts off with a discussion about the types of wastes and defines the following vocabulary for the students:
reduce /reuse/recycle/aluminium/plastic/glass/paper
*The teacher asks the students to bring in three different trash items from home, such as cans, coke bottles, juice boxes, plastic containers.
After all the students have brought in their three items, the students start to sort them based on the following categories: glass, paper, aluminium, plastic, pure trash.
After all the items have been sorted, the amount of items in each category is counted to determine the common type of trash based on what was brought in by the students.

Afterwards, students must decide which of the waste products can be reduced, reused, or recycled

Assessment Strategies : Students are assessed on participation by bringing the three types of wastes. They are also assessed on their understanding of the 3 r’s with a quiz, in which there can be different waste products listed and the students have to determine which category they fall under.

Adaptations: Instead of having a written quiz, it can be an oral quiz, where there are different waste products and the students have to physically categorize them into the three categories.

Source: Yamnitz, Kyle. The University of Missouri. Lessons Plans Page.com. 19 December.2003.

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