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Title: Families on display: an introduction to the study of families


Description of Idea: Students are taught different family structures, and will be involved in describing their own families.

Expectations: Students will be able to gain an understanding that families are unique, the roles of members within a family, and activities that families take part in. They will gain this knowledge through producing a family collage, creating a family bar graph, and thoughts contained in journal writings.

Student Groupings: Each student is expected to make a collage.

Teaching Strategies:

Part 1: Students are asked:
How many people are in your family?
Who is in your family?
How many children are in your family?
Who do you live with?
Do you have any pets?

The teacher collects the responses from each student and completes a bar graph, representing the families of the entire class. Students are able to see a visual representation of the data that has been collected.

Part 2:
The teacher discusses with the students the family vocabulary words and through discussion other words can be added to the list.

Part 3: Each student receives a piece of construction paper, their four family photos and magazines. The teacher says to the students “ We are going to create a collage that shows your family and other different
families around the world!”

Part 4: Conclude the lesson by discussing the concept of families, and what the students have learned. Teacher discusses the different types of families and have students write a reflection journal on what they have learned.

One large sheet of news print
List of 17 family vocabulary words
Posters of different families around the world
Glue, pencils, markers, crayons,
Four family pictures brought in by each student
Magazines with pictures of families in them
Construction paper

Assessment Strategies: The teacher assesses the students’ journal reflections and participation during the creation of a collage.


Herr, j and Libby, y. Creative resources for the early childhood classroom, New York, New York: Delmar Publishers Inc, 1995.

Submitted by: Natalia Charles

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