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Title: Energy Consumption

Grade: 10-12

Description: This lesson plan explores energy consumption in our personal lives and within our own communities. The various sources of energy consumption will also be looked at.

Expectations: It is expected that students will learn how energy consumption is directly and indirectly related to their everyday activities.

Student Groupings: Each student assesses energy consumption around their homes and communities.

Teaching Strategies:

Teacher provides a lecture to the students about the various types of energy sources and appliances that use energy to work.

Students are given survey in which they have to collect data on the following:
1) They have to specify if they live in a house or an apartment.
2)My building I live in is approximately__________ year old.
3)I live with___people.
4)In my house/apartment there are____fridges, _____clothes dryers,____washing machines.
5) If there is a dryer, is it gas or electric?
6) We do approximately ___loads of laundry per week(estimate).
7)Our stove top is gas or electric.
8)My place is heated by: hot water radiators, electric baseboard heaters, or other.
9)The boiler of furnace is powered by natural gas, electricity or oil.
10)The boiler or furnace is approximately _____years old.
11)The total area of living space in my house/apartment is _____metres square.

After each student has filled out the sheet and brought back the data, the teacher will compile the data, having graphs representing info collected from all the students for each question.

The teacher assigns each group 2 or 3 questions to analyse the data. The students will analyse the data in groups of 3-4.

Assessment: Students are assessed by doing a group presentation to report their findings on the data given to them. They must provide visual representation, a brief explanation of their findings, and what that means in terms of how much energy the class consumes.



Submitted by: N. Charles

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