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Title: Movie Production

Grade: 11/12

Description: This lesson plan is designed so students can learn about the process involved in making a movie, and through group work will create a movie of their own.

Expectations: It is expected that students will learn the steps that go into making a movie, learn about camera angles, camera techniques, and the roles of those involved in making a movie.

Student Groupings: Students work in groups of 4-5.

Teaching Strategies:

Teacher provides a lecture on movie making, camera angles, camera techniques, script writing, etc.(Note: This is meant to be a long term project ).

*Students are put into groups of 4-5, and each member of the group is assigned one of the following roles: director, music producer, costume and design, advertisement,
*The group decides on the story line and writes a script for their movie. In their script students must include camera angles, lines, location, etc.
*Students must create a poster, movie cover as part of advertising their film.
*Students should also create a story board

Assessment: Students are assessed on the quality of filming, originality of movie concept, use of different camera angles, camera techniques, etc. Teacher can provide students with a list of different camera angles and techniques that they would like to see used in the movie.

Ivers, Karen S & Barron, Ann E. Multimedia Projects in Education: designing, producing, and assessing, second edition. Westport, Connecticut: Libraries Unlimited, 2002.


Submitted by: N. Charles

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