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Title: Shapes

Grade: 5-8

Description of Idea: Students are provided with geometric shapes to understand their features, similarities and differences among the geometric shapes.

Expectations: Students gain an awareness of different types of geometric shapes and their properties.

Student Groupings: Each student completes the different part of the lesson plan individually.

Teaching Strategies:
Part 1: Write the names of each quadrilateral on the board and draw a sketch for each of the quadrilateral shapes.

The teacher explains to the class what is a quadrilateral shape, and what are the main features. The teacher also needs to go over some key terms such as parallel, degrees, and opposite.

Part 2: Students are to fill out a work sheet for the quadrilateral shapes. For each shape they have to answer yes or no for the following characteristics
*Has 4 sides.
*Opposite sides are parallel.
*Opposite sides are equal.
*All sides are equal
*More than a 90 degree angle

Assessment Strategies: A quiz is given to the students based on the properties of the shapes, to reinforce their understanding. Students can make shapes out of toothpicks and glue to reinforce concepts.

Adaptations: This lesson plan can be adapted so that students are working in groups. Initially the teacher can create a lesson plan based on simple primary shapes, such as a square, triangle, rectangle, circle, etc.

Source: Edmonton Public Schools. Math to the Max: Shape and Space, 3 D-Objects, 2-d Shapes, and Transformation. Alberta, Resource Development Services: 2000, pg.89

Submitted by: Natalia Charles

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