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Title: International Jumping Game: “Varra” (Albania)

Grade 2: The students practice interpersonal skills and respectful behavior while staying on task playing hopping/jumping activities.

Students will be able to perform the basic movement skills required to participate in physical activities: locomotion/traveling.

Groups of 4

8 7
6 5
4 3
2 1
Students are to jump/hop from squares 1-9 without touching any of the lines.
Students may put both feet down on a “safe resting square” (teacher will decide square before students begin the activity). It is important that students have this option, especially in the primary grades, as they cannot jump too far without resting.
Students will yell out loud the number of the square that they jump into-they should yell as loud as they jump.
Variation: Students can be creative and find different manners of jumping and if confident enough can try with their eyes closed.

Teachers should remind students to work cooperatively and encourage their peers.
Remember to adapt the activity to the skills of your students.
Make sure that outside playing areas are free of hazards (glass etc.).

Teacher will observe if students are staying on task and paying attention to the game and their peers.
Teachers can also ask the students to do a self assessment for cooperation using happy/ sad/ indifferent faces.

Students can make up their own rules for the game.
Students can draw their own hopping board area and show the other students in the class.
Students from other country can share the jumping/hopping games that are played in those countries.
Students can say the numbers in their native languages or in a language other than English e.g. French.

Will need:
Playground or gymnasium*
Sidewalk chalk
*(If using an indoor facility use tape instead of chalk to outline game area.)

Submitted by: Faizah Mitha

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