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The Future We Want (Peel District School Board Policy Document)


Teachers, administrators, and parents


School and Society Issues


'The Future We Want' is a document published by the Peel District School Board outlining their policies and strategies for creating an educational system based on fairness, respect and inclusiveness. The Peel Board states a commitment to equity, but in this document they go beyond words to actually prescribe concrete ways that they propose to promote and sustain equity. In light of a growing and increasingly diverse community, the Peel Board recognizes the need to address equity in the schools to ensure that all students are respected irregardless of their social, cultural, racial, and religious backgrounds.

In 'The Future We Want' the Peel Board offers a guide to creating and working with an inclusive curriculum. This inclusive curriculum is one way of ensuring that their classroom programs and practices respect students' many differences and finds a place for those differences in the content students are expected to learn and experience.

I feel strongly that every teacher who advocates for an inclusive classroom should refer to this document as a guide for informing their practice. I think the ideas and activities proposed within this document are easy and attainable if one has a true desire to create a transformative and engaging classroom.


It translates theory and rhetoric into tangible ways of promoting diversity and equity in the classroom. It advocates a 'go beyond the words' approach to teaching.


I think it takes risks and perhaps it isn't perfect but it is an amazing start to promoting equity and inclusivity among teachers and students.


This is an excellent resource for all new and experienced teachers, especially those of us who may work in very diverse communities.

Your Recommendations:

Love it! I highly recommend reading this document. The work in Peel is inspiring.

Submitted by: Erika Carlson

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