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Ohio ESL http://www.ohiou.edu/esl/teacher/index.html


ESL teachers


Language Learning and Related Issues




The opportunities on Ohio ESL are endless...information on Skill-based instruction, Content-based instruction, Testing and Assessment, Lesson Plans, etc. Links are set up clearly and the visitor is immediately connected with practical teaching materials and plans for a wide range of topics such as reading, writing, speaking, vocabulary, grammar, etc. The visitor will inevitably encounter interactive and almost irrestible units on Canadian holidays, festivals around the world, science... The majority of the lessons are recent and address important issues such as cultural diversity. The visitor also has access to research and publications such as ESL Magazine online. Ohio University is a reputable source and questions can be emailed directly to the site manager at any time. There is no advertising on this site!


Ohio ESL is an American site and reflects an American bias. For instance, some lessons on Flag Day, Christopher Columbus, "We Stand United," etc. require some adaptation to fit the Canadian context. On that note, it is the responsibility of the teacher to ensure that lesson plan ideas gathered from the site are modified to fit the Ontario Curriculum expectations. While surfing the site one does get the impression that links to other resources have gone through some screening process, but I would still recommend using your dicretion on some personal web links. There does not appear to be much available for the teacher who is responsible for mainstreamed ESL students. That said, teaching materials and plans can be adapted and used in the mainstream classroom.


This resource would be most useful for elementary and secondary teachers with English language learners in her classroom; however, any teacher is bound to leave the site with some new knowledge of how to make learning English Fun!!

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Submitted by: Francesca Lavecchia


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