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ESL, bilingual and classroom teachers of language minority students.


Language Learning and Related Issues




EverythingESL.net is a highly informative and useful resource for any teacher with second language students. It is recognized by the National Education Association as well as the Scout Report for being a great resource.
This website was founded and developed by Judie Haynes, an award winning ESL teacher. She has 22 years experience teaching ESL students and is an author and co-author of 4 books on helping classroom teachers with their second language population. She also co-authored a chapter in TESOL’s Integrating Standards into Classroom Practice. She is actively involved with various organizations that deal with second language learning (e.g., member of NJTESOL/NJBE, editor of the NJTESOL/NJBE Voices, Chair of the TESOL Elementary Interest Section). Judie presents in-services and workshops as well. She has received the New Jersey Governor’s Teacher Grant, TESOL’s Newbury Award for Excellence in teaching and N.J.ESL Teacher of the Year in 1993.
EverythingESL.net contains content-based ESL lesson plans, downloadable activities to accompany these plans, and reviews of classroom materials. It also provides professional development ideas and strategies for mainstream teachers. There are also interactive discussion boards where teachers can discuss issues related to ESL and bilingual education, one for general discussion and the other for questions posted directly to Judie Haynes, both available from the Discussion button at the top of the page. If posting is not something you are comfortable with, you can also directly email Judie any questions or concerns. The site offers teaching tips with classroom activities and a select annotated list of books, CD-ROMS, and Websites.
Most of the lesson plans follow a template including: Lesson Topic, Grade/Proficiency Level, TESOL Goal and Standard, Content Concepts/Skills, Materials, Vocabulary, Unit Overview, Instructional Sequence, Additional Activities and Resources. This is helpful in evaluating them and seeing whether they would be useful in your classroom or how you might be able to modify it. The Teaching Tips that are offered are very effective and they cover a wide variety of topics ranging from dealing with multicultural issues and teaching to different learning styles, to organization and assessment.
This website is attractively laid out and its organization is optimal. It is easy to navigate, fast and highly interactive. Navigation bars allow the viewer to access information that is relevant to them with the click of a button. In addition to this, an internal search engine and a site map also makes information searching effortless. Information is written in a professional manner free of grammatical and spelling errors. The content of this website is continually added to and kept up to date.


The lesson plans provided as well as the teaching tips are in order by when they were posted which makes it a bit more difficult to find specific topics that you might be looking for. However, the search engine might help with this. Some of the topics of the lesson plans are content specific to American culture (e.g., Happy Birthday America, Teaching about America, and In 1942 Columbus sailed the ocean blue).


I highly recommend the EverythingESL.net website to all teachers including pre-service teachers and anyone working with ESL learners. The depth of the information within this website was at the appropriate level with which it provided sufficient information and could be easily applied to many different circumstances. Even if, by some chance, you have a classroom that has no ESL students, there are some useful tips and resources that can be utilized in any classroom situation. Although some of the lesson plans were content specific to American culture, ideas from them could easily be modified and adapted to the Ontario Curriculum. The Teaching Tips are all very practical and informative. Furthermore, the discussion boards are great way to interact and collaborate with others in this field. The many links to other websites and other resources are also an added bonus.

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Submitted by: Justina Sing-Yng Ngiau

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