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Source Reviewed:

Ministry of Education


Parents, students and teachers


General Interest




• Graphic images are appropriate for its content and the website loads reasonably fast
• Information on the website is presented professionally (quality control) and easy to read (minimum scrolling & large fonts)
• The author of the site is clearly indicated which is the Ministry of Education and its experience in the content area is sufficient
• The Ministry of Education is a known entity to the public and the fact that this is a government website lends considerable credibility to it
• The site is affiliated with the school boards, colleges and universities
• Readers are allowed to provide feedback regarding the site’s content via e-mail, fax and telephone
• There is no obvious content errors or omissions on the site
• Navigation is simple and navigation bars are provided to allow users to jump to different places within the site
• The site appears to be free of material that may be oppressive to one or more groups of individuals
• This website offers an abundance of clear and concise information on the following areas: elementary/secondary/postsecondary schools, training/jobs and Ministry publications
• Within the elementary and secondary education section, detail information are available regarding school boards, curriculum and policy and parental involvement
• An internal search engine and a site map make information searching simple


• The content appears to be updated periodically rather than on a daily basis
• Sources within the site are not clearly cited
• There is no evidence indicating the site is taking into consideration the differently-abled students
• The site does not use a variety of media to effectively engage students with varying learning styles
• This site does not offer strategies for primary or secondary teachers working with ESL students in their classrooms.
• There is little or no information for pre-service teachers interested in strategies for modifying lesson plans


I would recommend this resource to students, parents and teachers who are interested in learning more about the Ontario Curriculum and/or news/issues regarding education. This resource would be most useful for individuals who want to know about the school curriculum, available courses, publications developed by the Ministry of Education or to find a school. The website is also valuable to those who want to learn about programs that help individuals make the transition from unemployment to employment and from education and training to the labour force. The many links to other websites and other resources are an additional benefit.

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Submitted by: Ken Chiu


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