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The site www.teachingideas.com was created by Mark Warner, a UK primary teacher, while he was still in University. He wanted to share his ideas and help other teachers with their teaching strategies. Today the site has grown tremendously and is popular worldwide. It is a forum for teachers to share with each other and help one another.

Teaching Ideas is a very colourful, user-friendly, interactive site full of great ideas for primary age teachers (5-11 yrs). This is a UK based site, however all ideas can be used by all teachers world wide as well as parents. The ideas, activities and worksheets are organized by subject areas.

In every subject there are a multitude of ideas, worksheets, and activities waiting to be explored and used in class. Once a teacher clicks on the subject of interest, all the details of the idea will either be in PDF or HTML format file that need to be downloaded and printed.

The age range of the ideas are from 5-11 / 5-7 / 7-11 yrs. These ideas are only guidelines, and the individual teacher can decide what is relevant to him/her based on their class' needs.

Mark decided to add another site as an extension to this one called www.moreteachingideas.com. It is part of the main site but contains all the ideas which don't fit neatly into the sections of Teaching Ideas. These include Assembly, Display, Classroom Management, Special Need and Seasonal Ideas.

The site also has various areas such as "time-fillers" containing ideas which fall into many subject areas and are used as short activities during the day. The Book Corner area is where teachers recommend both children and teaching books that were useful and enjoyable. The Staffroom area contains the Ultraboard where messages from other teachers can be read, post a message, play games and even do a job search related to teaching.

There is a Share Your Ideas page for all teachers to post whatever they like, sign the guestbook, contact Mark or sign his feedback form. By signing the mailing list, Mark will advise by email on updates to the site including resources, worksheets or any relevant information useful for teachers.


The only weakness with this site is that it's only for primary teachers. Intermediate grade teachers will probably not find it very relevant. However, it's a great site to navigate and perhaps get some ideas that may be modified to accomodate their intermediate classes.


This site is definately a great resource for primary teachers, and especially new teachers. It is really easy to navigate and has a wealth of ideas that can be used in any class and for any subject. The content, presentation and layout of the site is clear and concise, and I found the details of the ideas were easy to follow and implement with primary age students.

I would definately recommend this site because it's relevant, useful, informative and interactive. The ideas can be accessed by all teachers and can certainly be modified to assist ESL learners in their classes. Mark created the site in 1998 and since then, teachers from all over the world have contributed ideas and information to help other teachers teach effectively. The site contains links to other useful educational sites as well as being monitored and updated continuously by Mark.

Overall, it was an enjoyable and positive experience visiting www.teachingideas.com and I think I will definately be using it next year as I encourage all of you to do as well.

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Submitted by: Vittoria La Neve

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