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ESL Infusion at OISE
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ESL and mainstream K-8 teachers


Language Learning and Related Issues




Firstly this website is very easy to use. Judie the creator can be easily contacted for any questions related to ESL/EFL (she has already been asked 826 questions). She provides links to her books where you can order them online. Within her 35 teaching tips, Judie gives guidelines on how to build an inclusive and safe environment for the newcomer. She provides links for various in-class teaching strategies such as:
- study tips for content courses (the use of graphic organizers)
- tolerance for cultural diversity
- learning disability issues, in addition to language development issues
- how culture shock affects newcomers
- teach to students learning styles
These are only a few examples of the many teaching tips that she provides on the website.

Judie's lesson plans are very detailed with step by step experiments and procedures that teachers can easily implement. In addition she provides a general overview of the benefits of the lesson. Judie also provides other off site resource picks.


The lesson plans are not organized by grade levels or according to subject area. For example, after a science lesson on eggs, you'll find a salute to a flag lesson. Teachers might become frustrated having to scroll down the screen to find lesson plans. Only the title of each lesson is given, therefore a teacher must open it to see what the grade level it is for. In addition, Canadian teachers should be aware that this website is American based.


Although it may be a little time consuming to search for lesson plans and teaching tips, the content is too beneficial to ignore. This website provides a good foundation for knowledge for even the inexperience ESL and mainstream teacher.

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Submitted by: Tricia Lee and Pauline Chronakis

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