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Source Reviewed:

Enchanted Learning http://www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/whales/


Teachers, parents and students (supervised)


General Interest




This website is well organized, by subject area and themes. This site is easy to maneuver through and offers easily accessible links to other related topics. This website is great for teachers because they can print off tons of materials and resources that they can use in their classrooms.
There is a privacy policy statement that outlines the expected use of the site and its intended use.
There is also contact information (through email or phone) if you have any questions or concerns with the website.
There is a section that invites membership to an affiliated website for further resource.
This website does not require membership.
As far as navigating is concerned this website had minimal scrolling and allows the user to jump to different places quickly and easily to find information.
This site has a multicultural aspect, especially with regards to international languages within the areas that we have viewed.
Many of the materials used have been sourced.


This site does have advertising which is one reason why we suggested students be supervised.
While this site does seem to be fairly multicultural it does not have any areas for modifications or adaptations for diverse learners.
This website has more of a language focus, and we found that it lacked in the area of mathematics.


Description: There is much detailed information regarding different kinds of animals that include summaries and diagrams for reference. This site could also be used to assist primary and secondary students with research on specific topics. There is a lot of detail offered. It also provides detailed diagrams and some demonstrations of animal movements. Integrated learning activities are available for teachers to print and use in their classrooms.
Some other areas involved in this website include: K-3, writing, fiction, biology, physical science, languages, geography/history and arts and miscellaneous.
This site is great for students who are learning English.
There is a link to many different languages that provides a picture dictionary and different aspects of the culture.

Overall, we found few weaknesses and feel that this is an excellent site for teachers, parents and students of all ages.
This would be a great resource for research projects for students in the elementary years.
Although we feel that this site could be used by a wide range of learners, we feel that it focuses primarily on elementary curriculum.

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Submitted by: Darlene Hargreaves and Kristina Jenkins

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