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ESL Infusion at OISE
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Source Reviewed:

Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL)


Teachers and ESL educators


Secondary School Issues




Relevance and appropriateness:
-target groups are clearly indicted
-the content is timely and updated reasonably
-content is detailed and concise

-CAL has earned an international reputation for its contributions to the following areas: English as a second language (ESL); Immigrant education; Foreign language education; Language proficiency assessment; Bilingual and vernacular language education; Refugee education and services; Language policy and planning; Cross-cultural communication
-Projects: Acquiring Literacy in English. A five-year program of research with its collaborators, Harvard University and Johns Hopkins University
-Heritage Language Initiatives: In partnership with the National Foreign Language Center
-Comprehensive Center: In partnership with the Educational Testing Service
-Training for All Teacher Programs: CAL coordinates with TESOL

Bias Identification:
-found one discussion group: Ñandu participants discuss timely issues related to foreign language learning in Grades K-8, provide resources to one another, and share experiences with early-start, long-sequence programs. To join Ñandu, send the message to nandu-request@caltalk.cal.org

-professional development journals are researched based
-the sources within the site are clearly presented and cited

-site loads reasonably fast
-provides many different ways to get into contact with CAL e.g., email, phone numbers and directions to CAL
-provides useful direct links

-the site organization is intuitive
-scrolling is kept to a minimum
-navigation is simple (just click “search” and type in your topic area) and obvious
-navigation bars allow us to jump to different places within the site e.g., National Center for ESL Literacy Education

-recent project: The Bench Mark Study of Title VII programs. This 5-year research project documents the process and content of reform in these schools over time and analyzes how it impacts the education of language minority students
-ESL Activities for African-American History Month (for adults)
-Examining Latino Paraeducators' Interactions With Latino Students http://www.cal.org/ericcll/digest/0015examining.html
-The site is free of material that may be oppressive to one or more groups of students


Relevance and appropriateness:
-content/research is mainly American based

-author (s) of the site is/are not clearly indicated
-private non-profit organization: a group of scholars and educators

Bias Identification:
-difficult to find forums for users to discuss its content and present divergent perspectives


I would definitely recommend this site to others, especially to teachers (grades K-8) and educators of ESL learners. Language and culture play major roles in students’ development; thus I believe this site will help to provide valuable knowledge on the importance of teaching and learning about English language acquisition learners. Having a clear understanding of children/adults and knowing what their needs are will allow teachers and educators of ESL learners to implement and integrate ESL oriented lessons plans and strategies to effectively meet their students’ needs and to help them achieve success in school.

Your Recommendations:


Submitted by: Hun-Sun Ng

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