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Teachers, students, and parents


Diversity Issues


This website is extremely informative and it provides insightful information that can be utilized in the classroom to introduce multiculturalism. Although the target group is not clearly identified, it is generally directed towards teachers, parents, and students.


This site is an excellent source for multiculturalism. The viewers of
the site are able to actively get engaged in the material that is provided
there. They can learn words in a new language, become familiar with the
culture, and listen to the selected language being spoken and translated.
The material on the website also appears to be non-oppressive to other
races. The cultures are represented in a very realistic way but there is
no indication of inappropriate reference to a particular race. Some of the
headings found under the Cultural heading "Korea" include Culture, Foods
and Recipes, Life in Korea, Other Korean Links, and Koreans at Purdue, so
there is an insightful overview of the country and its culture. Overall,
the website is an interactive one. It also provides links to other
websites related to the the culture that you might want to investigate for
further information.The site loads remarkably fast and the university that sponsors the
site is accessible through email. There is also a section that provides
additional information about the sponsors if the viewers would like to
explore any other of their specialty areas.


I did find that there was quite a bit of scrolling involved and that
it was difficult at times to locate specific information about the
countries. The navigation wasn't always straight forward and I found that
I went around in circles a few times trying to open a particular window.
In addition, some of the icons on the screen did not even open.The site doesn't indicate a clear bias but it does focus on only five
countries: Africa, America, Asia and Pacific Islands, Europe, and
Mid-East. I also found it difficult to identify any form of quality control.


The department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at
Purdue University seems to have contributed the majority of information
found on this website and there position is clearly stated. The site also
has an email address that viewers can use to ask questions or make
comments about the information found on the site.

Your Recommendations:

Anyone who
wants to become more familiar with a particular culture should visit this
website. It is also loaded with beautiful images and helpful diagrams that
can be used to enrich the learning experience for the viewers.I would also recommend this website specifically to teachers across the
curriculum (K-12), eventhough they might not have ESL learners in their
class, because it is important that all students are given the opportunity
to become more aware of cultures outside of their own.

Submitted by: Andrea Emanuel

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