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(Mawi: Take Yourself Higher) www.mawispeaks.com


Students, Parents, and Educators


General Interest


This site is owned and operated by a company started by Mawi Asgedom called, “Mawi Inc. Asgedom is a motivational speaker and author of the books, Of Beetles and Angels: A Boy’s Remarkable Journey From a Refugee Camp to Harvard, The Code: The 5 Secrets of Teen Success, and Win the Inner Battle: The Ultimate Teen Leadership Journal. Mawi Inc.’s mission statement is: “To uplift and inspire America's teenagers with the highest quality life-success training.” The main page of Mawi’s site offers links to learn more about Mawi, a link to his online store, and links to recent publications about Mawi. The site also offers opportunities to contact Mawi to have him come and speak at a school, business, or teacher seminar, and samples of his presentations are available to view on video on the site.


Mawi offers a free newsletter called “Upworld” that electronically sends you his speaking tour schedule, stories, advice, and inspirational messages. The site is regularly maintained and updated, and Mawi has written in some of his own responses to the scenarios he gives in his teen leadership journal. Students also have an opportunity to post their own responses to the scenarios and view the responses of others. Furthermore, Mawi offers additional scenarios to which students may respond and numerous examples of work completed by other students to help guide students new to his system. Educators can order copies of Mawi’s books in bulk and receive a discount. With the books comes a “robust teaching guide,” and available for download on the website is a “simple reading guide.” There is also a password protected part of the website where educators can converse and share their strategies for approaching Mawi’s book. The video link is useful, as viewers are able to see samples of Mawi’s presentations and decide whether or not he would be effective as a speaker in their schools.


The site does not have “site map,” so it can be difficult to navigate. The three links for “Students, Parents, and Educators” are not on the home page, but rather under “Speaking,” “Online Store,” and “Contact.” The site does not clearly explain how educators can get a copy of the teacher’s guide, or the price of the guide. There are also no prices listed for Mawi’s speaking appearances.


Mawi’s books and his website are useful teaching resources. The appropriate grade for reading Mawi’s books seems to be around grade eight, but the books could also be used with older students, and particularly with new language learners. His books are motivational and engaging, and on his website are many testimonials from students, educators, and administrators who highly recommend his resources.

Your Recommendations:

For more information on implementing Mawi's resources in the classroom read the reviews of his books Of Beetles and Angels, The Code, and his journal Win the Inner Battle.

Submitted by: Colleen Grandy


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