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Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun (Website)


English language learners


Language Learning and Related Issues


Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun is an educational site that helps students learn English vocabulary. The address is http://www.vocabulary.co.il. Below is a brief description of each educational game on the site.

-Word Search Game
This fun, Flash game has over 140 subjects with thousands of words. Subjects covered include animals, astronomy, basketball, clothing, computers, countries, furniture, geography, heteronyms, nature, occupations, palindromes, shapes, shopping, spices, sports, star trek, travel, vegetables, weather and many more. There is an easy mode for the kids and a harder mode for teenagers and adults. Each game is randomly generated. You can even print out a blank game (and the solution page) for off-line playing. Remember that looking at the solution page is a last resort :-)

By taking your classic Hangman game and creating an online version connected to a database with over 5,800 words, this game is fun to play and educational. If you expect your simple "hang the man by the rope" drawing then you are in for a surprise. The game is suitable for both young students with topics like colors, food and games to adults with topics ranging from the periodic table to world capitals.

-Match Game
Learning new words at a young age is not easy. This Flash game will make learning English a fun experience. The game has 3 levels of play and 7 card sets to choose from. Pictures of the items are show on the screen and you can hear the words spoken in English. The game is geared to a young audience but older students that are learning English as a second language will also benefit from hearing the words pronounced in the game's learning mode.

-The Vocabulary Quiz
Learning vocabulary from a textbook is boring. Learning vocabulary by playing an interesting and challenging online quiz is both fun and educational. Simply choose a topic, level of play (easy versus hard questions) the timer setting and the fun begins. The quiz randomly selects questions from a database filled with hundreds of multiple choice questions. The ever expanding database is filled with questions that are suitable for grades 6 through 12 and for ESL students. Students young and old will find the vocabulary quiz entertaining and educational. Additional topics will be added on an ongoing basis.

They now have a new feature: Vocabulary mailing list, which will notify you by email when additions are made to the site.


This vocabulary oriented site is educational, fun, simple to use and friendly. The site has something for everyone and there is updates on an ongoing basis.




Learning vocabulary can be fun! This is an important message that ESL teachers should send to their students.

Your Recommendations:

I would recommend this site to ESL students who wish to learn vocabulary in a fun way. Teachers of ESL students also need to know there are such websites available that can help ESL students learn English outside of the classroom.

Submitted by: F.Zhang

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