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Website Review: P I Z ZA Z !... People Interested in Zippy and ZAny Zcribbling


Teachers of ESL


Language Learning and Related Issues




Relevance and Appropriateness:
This site’s content is very relevant to an ESL teacher’s needs as it has an abundance of teaching resources for creative writing and oral storytelling in fun, imaginative ways adapted for ESL students. The web medium is appropriate because the teacher can easily print off these lessons/activities and permission is given by the website to copy and use these handouts in the classroom. There are lessons and activities for all levels of ESL learners and they seem easily adaptable as well. The mission and scope of the site is indicated in the description of the site.

The author of the site is clearly indicated and seems credible.

Bias Identification:
The site seems purely for educational purposes, is affiliated with a university and seems not to be biased in any sponsoring or commercial manner.

The site is well organized and loads quickly as it is mainly text based. The author does provide an email address as well as her affiliated university’s website.

The site is well organized and navigation is simple and obvious. It provides brief descriptions of the subjects so that you do not have to go to all the pages to find out about them. Navigation headings are provided which makes it easy to jump around to different subject areas or back to the top of the page.

This site encourages exploration of multicultural perspectives and utilizes intercultural interactive and collaborative opportunities within the lessons and activities. It is certainly written with ESL students in mind who may be from many different countries.


Relevance and Appropriateness:
The intended audience is definitely for teachers but I’m not sure if it is really good for “scribblers” unless their first language is English. It would be difficult to decipher the expectations of the activities unless you are a teacher or English is your first language. Until I have tested the activities, I’m unsure as to whether the levels of the ESL students indicated on the activities are consistent or not.

I don’t know anything about the author and so it is hard to know about her experience and what quality controls are put in place, etc. From reading through the lessons and activities however, they seem quite thorough and well written so it would be a matter of testing to see how well they worked.

The font is a little too small and the website is mostly text based so it does not automatically knock you over with its creative style. A few pages seem too overloaded with resources and other links, making it slightly overwhelming.


I would recommend this site to ESL teachers especially for language arts/English lessons and activities. They are fun, interesting and are adapted to the ESL student.
This site is located at the following address:

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Submitted by: Nicole Harrington


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