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ESL Infusion at OISE
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Karin's ESL playland


ESL students/ESL teachers- Intermediate/Senior level


Language Learning and Related Issues




-everything on site is free
-provides 75 current quizzes that teach a variety of lessons from very easy to very difficult
-provides discussion forum for students and an area where teachers can exchange lesson ideas
-offers English pen-pals
-provides information ESL students require to fit in to society
-has an email exchange for teachers to contact other teachers around the world
-provides a variety or worksheets for teachers to download and are appropriate for different levels
-offers other website suggestions
-is highly interactive
-offers employment opportunities


-American site can be misleading to Canadian students
-seems casual, not overly academic


This website was created by Karin M. Cintron; an ESL teacher at a private language school in California. It was last updated in 2001, and seems to be current. It is an American site. This site offers 2 main areas: One for students and one for teachers. ESL playland is a colourful site that I found exciting and full of activities for both students and teachers. I recommend this site as a tool for teachers to add "colour" to their lessons. It is a place to send students to have some fun while learning more about the society that they are living in.

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Submitted by: Lisa Giffin


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