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Rainbow Project Books

This is a series of soft cover booklets that examine different countries. There are
approximately 80 booklets in English and 38 in French. Each booklet is set up with similar headings and averages two black and white photographs. Each page also has a "Did You Know?" statement.

1. Xochiquetzal. ISBN 1551250101

Black Canadian History
1. Black Fugitive Slaves in Early Canada. ISBN 0-920277-16-0
2. Cornerstone of Freedom: The Underground Railroad. ISBN 0-516-26140-1
3. Get On Board: The Story of the Underground Railroad. ISBN 0-590-45418-8
4. Great Black Heroes: Five Brave Explorers. ISBN 0-590-48032-4
5. The Black Canadians: Their History and Contributions. ISBN 1-895073-88-X
6. The Story of Harriet Tubman: Freedom Train. ISBN 0-590-43628-7
7. In Our Time: An Introductory Learning Guide. ISBN 0-9698350-1-9
8. Historic Black Landmarks: A Traveler's Guide. ISBN 0-8103-9408-1
9. John Brown: One Man Against Slavery. ISBN 0-8478-1702-4
10. Speak It! From the Heart of Black Nova Scotia. Black Educator Association of Nova Scotia.
1. Canada Celebrates Multiculturalism. ISBN 0-86505-220-4
2. The Chinese Canadians. ISBN 0-17-601782-8
1. Extraordinary Young People. ISBN 0-516-26044-8
1. I Dream of Peace: Images of War by Children of Former Yugoslavia. ISBN
2. My Hiroshima. ISBN 0-670-83181-6
1. The Enchanted Tapestry. ISBN 0-88899-050-2
2. Cat and Rat: The Legend of the Chinese Zodiac. ISBN 0-8050-2977X
3. The Chinese Brothers. ISBN 0590 420550
1. Bees Wax Catches A Thief
2. Folktales From Around the World
3. More Stories to Solve: Fifteen Folktales From Around the World. ISBN
4. Tales Alive: Ten Multicultural Folktales with Activities. ISBN 091358979-9
French Canadian
1. French Canada: Pictures and Stories of Old Quebec.
1. One Hundred Greatest Women. ISBN 1-85028-307-9
2. Benazir Bhutto: Prime Minister. ISBN 0-8239-1205-1
Hispanic Caribbean
1. Feliz Nechebuena Feliz Navidaal. ISBN 0-8050-2512-X
2. La Diablesse & the Baby. ISBN 155037 993-3
1. The Children of India. ISBN 0-87614-759-7
2. Diwali. ISBN 0-7502-1937-8
3. What Do We Know About Hinduism. ISBN 07500 17317
1. Amorak ISBN 0-88682-662-4
2. Seasons of the Eskimo: A Vanishing
Way of Life. ISBN 0-7710-1715-4
4. Far North: Vanishing Cultures. ISBN 0-15-227178-3
5. Indians and Inuit: The First People of North America.
1. The Snow Wife. ISBN 0-8037-1409-2

1. Golem. ISBN 0-395-72618-2
2. Helping New Arrivals to Canada With Flying Colours: A Classroom Kit on Canadian
Symbols. ISBN 0-662-25189-X
3. Discover Canadians. ISBN 0-88996-037-2
4. Quizzing Canada. ISBN 1-55002-023-4
5. Casselman's Canadian Words. ISBN 0-7730-5515-0
6. The First Red Maple Leaf. ISBN 0-7730-5515-0
7. They Sought A New World: The Story of European Immigration to North America.
ISBN 0-88776-172-0
Literature Teaching Resources
1. Cultural Connections: Using Literature to Explore World Cultures with Children.
ISBN 155138-007-2
1. The Legend of the Poinsettia. ISBN 399-21692-8
2. Christmas in Mexico. ISBN 0-7166-2002-2
1. Frog Girl. ISBN 1-55110-658-2
2. The Vision Seeker. ISBN 0-7737-2966-6
3. The Native Stories From Keepers of the Earth. ISBN 09200079-76-8
4. The Girl Who Married the Moon. ISBN 0-8167-3480 1
5. Return of the Sun: Native American Tales From the Northeast Woodlands.
ISBN 089594-344-1
6. Sketco the Raven.
7. Once Upon a Totem.
8. The Adventures of Nanabush: Ojibway Indian Stories. ISBN 0385 14248-X
9. The Corn Goddess.
10. Glooskap's Country and Other Indian Tales.
11. Raven: A Trickster Tale From the Pacific Northwest. ISBN 015 265661-8
12. The Native Canadian. Ministry of Indian Affairs and Northern Development.
13. The Totem Pole Indians of the Northwest. ISBN 0-531-10750-7
14. The Ottawa. ISBN 0-86625-394-7
15. The Plains Indians. ISBN 0-600-58415-1
16. Tawow. ISBN 0-7725-5250-9
1. East O' The Sun and West O' The Moon. ISBN 1-56402-0495

1. Pakistan: Landmarks. ISBN 0-563-35162-4
Pioneers in Canada
1. Life of the Loyalists. ISBN 0-88902-182-1
2. Occupations: Pioneer Life in Upper Canada. Federation of Women Teachers' Association of Ontario.
3. The Ukrainian Canadian Homesteaders.
4. The Loyalists
Pueblo Indian
1. Arrow to the Sun. ISBN 014 050-2114
1. A Question of Race. ISBN 0-356-10140-1
1. Religions Around the World. ISBN 0-687-36026-9
2. In Search of Meaning: Living Religions of the World. ISBN unknown
3. How People Worship. ISBN 0-8368-0047-8
4. Religious Topics: Family Life. ISBN 0-85078-772-6
5. Understanding Religions: Food and Fasting. ISBN 07502 04214
6. In the Beginning: Creation Stories From Around the World. ISBN 015 23874-2
1. The Tsar's Promise. ISBN 0-399-21581-6
2. The Frog Princess. ISBN 0-8037-1623-0
3. Baba Yaga & Vasilisa the Brave. ISBN 0-688-08500-8
1. A Wave in Her Pocket. ISBN 0395-544327
2. The Mermaids Twin Sister. ISBN 0 395 64365-1
West Indies and Africa
1. A Ring of Tricksters. ISBN 0590-473743
2. Cric Crac. ISBN 0434942057
3. West Indians in Toronto. Family Service Association of Metro Toronto
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