MA in Adult Education and Community Development

Are you interested in social change, social justice, and/or activism? This research-based thesis degree focuses on individual and collective learning in places where people come together to create social change, including communities, workplaces, and social movements. It helps you develop skills for education, community, and organizational roles in a wide range of settings in public, private, and voluntary sectors.

Study options
Program length
6 sessions full-time, 10 sessions part-time
Example career pathways
Community education and engagement, policy, organizational development
Funding details

Full-time students receive a OISE Graduate Funding Package for their first year of study. Part-time students are self-funded.

OISE's Graduate Funding Package covers the cost of tuition and helps offset other living expenses. Last year, awards averaged around $25,000 per eligible student.

Basic program requirements
8 half courses
Example courses
Introduction to Adult Education (LHA1100H)
Community Development: Innovative Models (LHA1102H)
Master's Thesis Seminar (LHA1183H)