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Esther Geva
Research Lab
Esther Geva Research Lab

Team Members Emeritus


Past Graduate Students (Masters)

· Baek, Sun Hwa (MA). 2013

· Yunger, Robyn Rebecca  (MA). Acquisition of Hebrew Noun Plurals in Early Immersion and Bilingual Education. 2007-2010.

· Massey-Garrison, Angela  (MA). Oral language development in ESL an EL1 Students with and without reading disabilities.  2008-2010.

· Azimi-Bolourian, Mahshid  (MA). Development of morphological spelling strategies in second language learners with and without a reading disability. 2006-2007.

· Ndlovu (Herbert), Kate (MA). Writing Ability in Children who Speak English as a Second Language and have a Reading Disability. 2004-2006.  

· Cunningham, Todd (MA). The effect of reading remediation software on the language and literacy skill development of ESL students. 2003-2005.

· Jean, Maureen (MA). L2 vocabulary knowledge: A predictor of L2 word recognition skills in EL1 and ESL upper-elementary children. 2003-2005.

· Marton, Imola  (MA). Dynamic predictors of vocabulary growth in ESL children. Aug. 2002-2004.

· Bell, Melissa (MA). Differential phonological awareness predictors of reading skills in ESL children. 2003-2004.

· Chandrina, Anna (MA). The development of English reading skills in Russian-English bilingual children. 2000-2003.

· Sweitzer, Ursula (MA). The development of ESL literacy skills in children of a Portuguese background. Sept. 1998-2002.

· Sousa, Jorge (MA). Developing a measure for dynamic couple interaction. Sept. 2000-

· Lam, Margaret (MA). The acquisition of phonological awareness in Cantonese speaking Grade one ESL children. Sept. 1996–1998.

· Diena, Rina (MA). The development of spelling in ESL children with Portuguese as L1. Sept. 1997-

· Merbaum, Clara (MA). The relationship between listening and reading comprehension first grade ESL students. Sept 1995-June 1998.

· Limbos, Marjolaine (MA). Accuracy of teacher assessments of ESL children at-risk for reading disability. Sept. 1996–1998.

· Petrulius-Wright, Jennifer (MA). The role of language proficiency in the development of L1 and L2 literacy skills in young children. Sept. 1996-1998.

· Segal-Seiden (MA). Perception and spelling of strange speech sounds by Polish-Canadian L2 speakers of English. Sept. 1993-June 1998.

· Monaghan, Dunja (MA). Basic reading skills in L1 and L2: A comparison of Croatian and English. Sept. 1992-June 1997.

· Eisen, Miriam (MA). The development of orthographic awareness in young children. Sept. 1994–1997.

· Tabakman, Eynat (MA). The role of second language proficiency in learning to read in a second language: A comparison of Hebrew and English. Sept. 1994-June 1997.

· Eng, Allan (MA). Factors that contribute to unintentional plagiarism of sentences. Sept. 1992-June 1995.

· Yaghoub Zadeh, Zohreh (MA). Arithmetic performance in learning disabled and normally achieving children: The relationship between error types and cognitive process. Sept. 1993-June 1995.


Past Graduate Students (Doctoral)

· Cunningham, Todd (PhD). Understanding Synthetic Speech and Language Processing of Dyslexia Students. 2005-2011.

· Jean, Maureen (PhD). Canadian school-aged heritage language learners’ patterns of language use, proficiency and beliefs about learning their two language.  2005-2011.

· Chanthalone Vongphrachanh (PhD). The Development of Reading and Writing Skills of Native English Speakers and Speakers of English as a Second Language: Their Relationships and Patterns of Growth. 2004-2010.

· Ndlovu (Herbert), Kate (PhD). Writing Ability in Children who Speak English as a Second Language and have a Reading Disability. 2004-2010.

·  Ramirez, Gloria (PhD). Co-supervision with B. Xi-Rumberger. 2005-2010.

· Inustuka, Kumiko  (PhD). Predictors of reading fluency among Japanese adult EFL learners. Sept. 2000- 2008.

· Lafrance, Adele (PhD). EL1 and ESL Spelling Growth: A Longitudinal Study from Grades 1 to 6. 2003-2006. (Post-doctoral clinical fellow)

· Farnia, Fataneh (PhD). The development of reading fluency in primary level ESL children. Sept. 1998-2006.

· Limbos, Marjolain (PhD). Developing reliable measures for the assessment of ESL children. 1999-2005. (Psychologist)

· Lam, Margaret (PhD). The relationship between grammatical sensitivity and reading comprehension in ESL children. 1999-2004. (Psychologist)

· Gindi, Shahar (PhD). How preschool autism programs work: Parent and staff perceptions. 2001-2004. (Psychologist)

· Tardiff, Christine (PhD). Cross cultural issues in attachment and parenting. Fall, 2003. (Associate Professor, Brock)

· McKenzie, Adrine (PhD). The impact of "Better Beginnings" on language and literacy development in at-risk immigrant children. 1997-2003. (Psyhchologist)

· Joy, Rhonda (EdD). The concurrent development of basic reading skills in French and English in early French Immersion. Sept. 1995 –2002. (Psychologist)

· Yaghoub-Zadeh, Zohreh (PhD). Attribution, emotion, motivation and academic achievement.  Sept. 1994 – 2001. (Associate Researcher, Canadian Council on Learning)

· Gajjar, Mina (PhD). Cultural differences in children’s concept of epilepsy. Sept. 1994-January, 2001. (School Pyschologist)

· Wang, Min (PhD). ESL children's spelling development and the relationship to phonological processing skills.  Sept. 1996 –June, 2000. (Associate Professor, U of Maryland)

· Schuster, Barbara (PhD). Contributions of phonological working memory and phonological awareness on vocabulary and reading development in ESL children. Sept. 1995 –June, 2000. (Adult literacy development)

· Nassajizavareh, Hossein (PhD). A componential approach to ESL reading: Evidence from Farsi native speakers. Sept. 1994 - June 1998. (Associate Professor, University of Victoria, BC) 

· Yokota, Hiroko (PhD). Beliefs concerning school and learning: A multicultural perspective. Sept. 1992 – 1998. (Canadian Government)

· Wade-Woolley, Lesley Anne (PhD). Language Transfer in 2nd language readers: Evidence & implications for metaphonological processing. Sept. 1989-June 1996. (Associate Professor, Queens U, Canada)

· Abu-Rabia, Salim (PhD). Attitudes and cultural background and their relationship to reading comprehension in L2. Sept. 1991-June 1993. (Professor, Haifa University)

· Fraser, Carol (EdD). The impact of lexical processing strategy instruction on L2 readers’ strategy use, reading rate, reading comprehension, and vocabulary learning. 1990-1997. (Associate Professor, York University)

· Westernoff, F. (EdD). Language assessment of students from culturally and linguistically diverse populations. 1991-1995. (Speech and Language, TDSB)

· Alarcon Zuluaga, Melva (EdD). Cognitive linguistic and affective aspects of learning to read in Spanish by English speaking adults with and without reading disability. Sept. 1991-June 1994.

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