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Graduate Students' Association
Graduate Students' Association

The Graduate Students' Association Council includes three representatives from each of the four Departmental Student Associations (DSA) at OISE, and one representative from each of the Program Student Associations (PSA).

Departmental Student Associations

1. Applied Psychology & Human Development (APHD) Departmental Student Association
2. Leadership, Higher & Adult Education (LHAE) Departmental Student Association
3. Curriculum, Teaching & Learning (CTL) Departmental Student Association
4. Social Justice Education (SJE) Departmental Student Association

Program Student Associations (PSA)

1. Child Study Education Student Council (APHD)
2. Developmental Psychology Education Student Association (APHD)
3. Comparative, International & Development Education (CIDE) PSA (across all programs)
4. Student Affairs Society (LHAE)
5. Students on Seven (LHAE)
6. Leadership & Policy PSA (LHAE)
7. Master's of Teaching Student Association (CTL)

Students who are not officially elected representatives from the DSAs and PSAs are also welcome to attend these meetings.  If you are interested in joining the GSA council, speak to your DSA or PSA or come out to one of our general meetings. 

Meetings are open to all OISE students.

Dinner is usually served at each meeting.

Minutes from meetings will be posted here.


Council Meeting Agendas & Minutes



(All meetings will start at 6:10 pm sharp*


April 23rd,2019



Executive Report


March 19th,2019



Executive Report


February 26th, 2019



Executive Report


January 24th, 2019



Executive Report


November 22nd, 2018



Executive Report


October, 25th, 2018

(RM. 12-199)


Executive Report


September 26th, 2018

(RM. 5-210/220)


Executive Report


April 4, 2018

(RM. 11-164)






Executive End of the Year Reports 2017-2018


VP Academic

VP Finance

VP Internal


April 4 Annual General Meeting Agenda

AGM March 15, 2017 Part 1 Minutes

AGM May 4, 2017 Part 2 Minutes

March 21 Council Meeting Minutes 

March 21 Council Agenda

February 28 Council Meeting Minutes

February 28 Council Agenda

January 31st Council Meeting Minutes

January 31st Council Meeting Agenda

November 28th Council Meeting Minutes

November 28th Council Meeting Agenda

November 7th Council Meeting Minutes

November 7th Council Meeting Agenda

Sept 2016 - Sept 2017 Financial Statement

September 26th Council Meeting Minutes

September 26th Council Meeting Agenda




September 27th Council Meeting Agenda

September 27th Council Meeting Minutes

October 27th Council Meeting Agenda

October 27th Council Meeting Minutes

November 22nd Council Meeting Agenda

November 22nd Council Meeting Minutes

January 30th Council Meeting Agenda

January 30th Council Meeting Minutes

February 28th Council Meeting Agenda

February 28th Council Meeting Minutes

March 15th AGM Part 1 Agenda

March 15th AGM Part 1 Minutes

May 4th AGM Part 2 Agenda

May 4th AGM Part 2 Minutes

May 4th Council Meeting Agenda

President Executive Report 2016-2017

VP Academic Executive Report 2016-2017

VP Finance Executive Report 2016-2017

VP Internal Executive Report 2016-2017



April 21st Council Meeting - Minutes will be posted in November when they are approved 

March 31st Council Meeting Minutes

February 25th Council Meeting Minutes

January AGM Minutes - Will be posted after the 2016/2017 AGM when they are approved

December - We do not hold December Council meetings

November 26th Council Meeting Minutes

October 22nd Council Meeting Minutes

September 17th Council Meeting Minutes 


September 18th Council Meeting Minutes

October 30th Council Meeting Minutes

November 27th Council Meeting Minutes

January 29th Council Meeting Minutes

March 5th Annual General Meeting Minutes

March 26th Council Meeting Minutes

April 23rd Council Meeting Minutes


Accessibility Reports:

2013-2014 Accessibility Report

October Accessibility Committee Meeting Minutes

November Accessibility Committee Meeting Minutes


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