Meet The Team



Shirin Haghgou

PhD student in Adult Education and Community Development, 3rd year

Shirin’s research aims to highlight the experiences of newcomer and refugee youth within the context of the state’s and settlement sector’s deradicalization programming. She is thrilled to have had the opportunity to co-chair this year’s conference.


Leping Mou

PhD Candidate in Higher Education, 3rd year

 Leping is interested in comparative international higher education and sociology of education. His dissertation focuses on exploring liberal arts education models in the East Asian contexts.


Norin Taj

PhD Candidate in LHAE with a specialization in CIDE, 5th year

Norin’s general research interests are in gender studies, sociology of education and cultural anthropology. She is examining the local understanding of the global policy discourse on girls’ education in the South Asian context, particularly in Pakistan. When not working, she enjoys painting and writing poetry.



Victoria Parlatore

MA candidate in Educational Leadership and Policy, 2nd year

Victoria is interested in investigating experiences in education from the student perspective and understanding more about what supports students need to succeed in balancing their personal, academic, and professional lives. She hopes the vGSRC can provide a supportive avenue for students to share their work, build connections, and learn more about the research happening at OISE.


Latifa Soliman

M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and Policy, OISE Alum

Latifa is a passionate mother, educator, and researcher. Her research interest is in investigating ways to support the academic integration of newcomer students to Canada. As an international student, Latifa, learned a great deal from being a part of OISE and from collaborating with her colleagues. Her goal is to give back to the OISE community but playing an active role as an alum.



Alison D’Cruz

MA candidate in Higher Education, 2nd year

Alison’s research is focused on newcomer and immigrant students’ experiences in post-secondary education in Canada. She is excited to support GSRC’s first virtual conference!


Jade Kim

PhD candidate in Language and Literacies Education

Jade is excited to support this year’s vGSRC as a programming & publication committee member! Her research focuses on working with international students to explore their spoken participation experience in seminar-type university courses.



Hannah Smith

MA candidate in Higher Education, 2nd year

Hannah’s thesis seeks to understand how institution type (college vs. university) impacts professional identity development for students in the same degree programs (mechanical engineering).



Noah Adams

PhD student in Adult Education and Community Development, 2nd year

Noah is a PhD student at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, located on the traditional territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit, Anishnabeg, Chippewa, Haudenosaunee and Wendat peoples. Noah is a founding member of the Transgender Professional Association for Transgender Health. Noah’s research focuses on transgender and autistic mutual aid and community development, with a recently published book on transgender autistic people titled, Trans and Autistic: Stories from Life at the Intersection.


Joanne Lieu

PhD student in Educational Leadership and Policy, 2nd year

Joanne (she/her) is thrilled to be supporting this year’s technical committee! Her research interest lies within higher education, seeking to understand the experiences of student caregiving older adults.


Joel Wiebe

PhD student in Curriculum and Pedagogy, 3rd year

Joel’s research focus is on active learning and learning communities. Guided by the Knowledge Community and Inquiry (KCI) model, his research involves co-design between teachers, researchers, and developers to produce distinct learning community activities and complementary open-source technology that helps mediate and scaffold key aspects of student interactions for K-12 and higher education contexts.


Nidhi Sachdeva

PhD student in Curriculum and Pedagogy, 2nd year

Nidhi’s research focus is microlearning and mobile learning and its influence on instructional design in formal higher education. Nidhi has been an educator for 16 years and has been teaching English, Hindi and German language courses at York University.

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