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Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education



Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
6th and 7th Floor, 252 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario 
M5S 1V6

Office Hours during March/April 2020 

General Business Hours: Monday to Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm;
Program Staff Hours: Monday to Friday: 8:30 am - 5:30 pm; 

During the Winter and Summer terms, the Program Staff provides online support to our diverse student populations, starting at 8:30  until 5:30pm. If you would like to schedule a virtual appointment outside of these hours, please contact Program Assistants to make arrangements. Right now, we only offer online appointments. 


Admissions and programs Program Assistants 416-978-0729 lhae.pa@utoronto.ca
Academic support; Student awards and funding Karolina Szymanski 416-978-0748


Collaborative specializations Sazna Aliyar 416-978-0892 cidec.oise@utoronto.ca
Student facilities (offices, keys, room bookings) Faizal Baksh 416-978-1201 faizal.baksh@utoronto.ca
Student recruitment; Faculty research support; Website  Vesna Bajic 416-978-1205 vesna.bajic@utoronto.ca
Student hiring, expense forms, Faculty research support  Joanne Bedasie 416-978-0728 joanne.bedasie@utoronto.ca
Faculty affairs, Chair's appointments  Karen Dinsdale Kaufman 416-978-1254 karen.dinsdale@utoronto.ca


Staff Directory

Name Position Room Phone E-mail
Nina Bascia Chair 6-195 416-978-1515 nina.bascia@utoronto.ca
Sazna Aliyar Administrator, Collaborative Specializations 7-107 416-978-0892 cidec.oise@utoronto.ca
Vesna Bajic Communications
and Special Projects
6-213 416-978-1205 vesna.bajic@utoronto.ca
Faizal Baksh Finance and Operations Assistant  6-194 416-978-1201 faizal.baksh@utoronto.ca
Joanne Bedasie Business Officer 6-193 416-978-0728 joanne.bedasie@utoronto.ca
Dana Britton  Program Assistant 6-216 416-978-0729 lhae.pa@utoronto.ca
Taleah Clarke
(on leave) 
Program Assistant 6-214 416-978-1251 lhae.pa@utoronto.ca
Karen Dinsdale Kaufman Executive Assistant to the Chair 6-197 416-978-1254 karen.dinsdale@utoronto.ca
Creso Sa Associate Chair 6-258 416-978-1206 c.sa@utoronto.ca
Karolina Szymanski Graduate Liaison Officer 6-215 416-978-0748 k.szymanski@utoronto.ca


Questions about Applying?

For more information on applying, contact our knowledgeable and friendly admissions team in the Registrar's Office dedicated to providing timely, efficient, courteous service and valuable information to applicants:

Graduate Admissions, Office of the Registrar & Student Services
8th Floor, 252 Bloor St. West, Toronto, ON
416-978-4300  admission.oise@utoronto.ca


Current students questions?

For information for currently registered students (courses, registration, grades, status, fees, final oral exams) contact the Registrar's Office:

Masters/MA, MEd       oise.masters@utoronto.ca

Doctoral/PhD, EdD