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Higher Education in Canada
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Current Students                   Former Students 

Current Students

Diane Barbaric

Olivier Bégin-Caouette

Cynthia Field

Laurie Harrison

Cindy Hazel

Mary-Catharine Lennon

Qin Liu

Christian Noumi I

Kevin Ramdas

Kamaljeet Singh

Graeme Stewart

Student Research Team

University Governance

Olivier Bégin-Caouette

Sharon Li

Christian Noumi I

Survey of Contingent Faculty in Ontario Universities

Cynthia Field

Grace Karram Stephenson

Sharon Li


Former Students


Paula Green (2015). The Impact of Internationalization on the Regionalization of Higher Education in the English Speaking Caribbean: A Case Study of the University of the West Indies. Ph.D.

Sharon Li (2015). The Role of the Board of Trustees in Public Universities in China. Ph.D.



Suzanne Miller (2014). Thesis Work: An Ethnography of Writing and Text Production of Professional Graduate Education Students, Ph.D.

Pierre Piche (2014). Systemic and Climate Diversity in Ontario's University Sector. Ph.D. Click here to read ...


Gary Gannon (2013). Human Resources Programming and Its Impact on Leadership Within Governing Boards of Ontario Community Colleges. Ph.D. Click here to read ...

Kevin Hayes (2013). An Investigation of Professional Development of the Apprenticeship and Trades Professoriate in Two Ontario Colleges. Ph.D. Click here to read ...


Bryan Gopaul (2012). The Practice of Doctoral Education: A Bourdieusian Analysis of the Socialization of Doctoral Students. Click here to read ...

Chad C. Nuttall (2012). Everyday Tensions Between Collegiality and Managerialism: Administrators at a Canadian Research University. M.A. Click here to read ...


Pamela Gravestock (2011). Does Teaching Matter? The Role of Teaching in the Tenure Policies of Canadian Universities. Ph.D. Click here to read ...

Elyse K. Chaplin
(2011). The Experience of Students with Learning Disabilities Transitioning to Postsecondary education. Ph.D. Click here to read...

Vanda Wenona Harvey (Nona) Robinson (2011). Values of Student Affairs Practioners. Ph.D. Click here to read...

Anne Charles
(2011). Policy Windows and Changing Arrangements: An Analysis of the Policy Process Leading to the Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology Act, 2002. Ph.D. Click here to read...

Renu Kanga Fonseca (2011). Motivations and Experiences of Elected Governing Council Members. M.A. Click here to read ...


Mia Quint-Rapoport (2010) Open Source in Higher Education: A Situational Analysis of the Open Journal System Software Project. Ph.D. (Received the 2011 George Geis Award for Thesis of the Year from the Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education). Click here to read...


Emily Alexandre Walters Greenleaf (2010). The Toronto Scheme: The Undergraduate Curriculum in the Faculty of Arts and Science at the University of Toronto, 1945-2000. Ph.D.  Click here to read...


Peter Constantinou (2010). Government Relations in the Post-Secondary Education Sector in Ontario. Ph.D. Click here to read...


Kirk Kauffeldt (2009). The Commission for Higher Education in Kenya: A Case Study Regarding the Establishment, Role and Operations of an Intermediary Body in the Higher Education System of a Developing Nation. Ed.D. Click here to read...


Lucia Padure (2009). The Politics of Higher Education Reforms in Central and Eastern Europe: Development Challenges of the Republic of Moldova. Ph.D. Click here to read...


Lydia Boyko (2009). An Examination of Academic Department Chairs in Canadian Universities. Ph.D. (Received the 2010 George Geis Thesis of the Year Award from the Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education). Click here to read...


Roopa Desai Trilokekar (2006). Federalism, Foreign Policy and the Internationalization of Higher Education: A Case Study of the International Academic Relations Division, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canada. Ed.D.


Gabrielle Kane (2004). A Beam’s Eye View: Examining the Impact of Change on a Medical Practice. Ed.D.


Tony DiPetta (2004). Information and Communication Policy Development in Higher Education: A Case Study of the Vice-President’s Task Force on Information Technology (TFIT) at Brock University. Ph.D.


Catherine Drea (2003). Ontario Government Policy on Accessibility to the Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology: 1965-1995. Ed.D.


Heather Avery (2003). "Seeing Through Serpent and Eagle Eyes" Enacting Community in Service-Learning Experiences. Ed.D.


Theresa Shanahan (2001). Legal Scholarship: An Analysis of Law Professors' Research Activities in Ontario's English-speaking Common Law Schools. Ph.D.


Aurelia Best (2001). An Analysis of Priority Setting and Resource Allocation in Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology. Ph.D.


Barbara Smith (1999). The Learning Experiences of Older Adults as University Students. Ph.D.


Sandra Gillespie (1999). South-South Transfer: A Study of Sino-African Exchanges. (Co-supervised with Professor Ruth Hayhoe while she was Director of the Hong Kong Institute for Education). Ph.D.


Pamela Third (1999). Class Encounters of the Third Kind: Bridging the Gap Between the Knowledge of Academic "Insiders" and Academic "Outsiders" About Our Universities in the Era of the "De-Class-ification" of Western Academic Knowledge. Ph.D.


Efrem Rone (1998). Characteristics of Higher Education Doctoral Theses: Defrosting Some Frozen Assets. Ph.D.


Carolin Kreber (1997). Faculty's Implicit Theories of Academic Work. Ph.D.


George Terence Smith (1996). Federation and Fullness: A History of the Early Years of Federation at the University of Toronto From the Viewpoint of the Three Denominational Colleges. Ed.D.




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